Review of New In Town Single by Little Boots

Review of Little Boots' single New In Town.

Little Boots New In Town Single

Victoria 'Little Boots' Hesketh has been riding the hype wave for so long now that it feels like she should be sponsored by Quiksilver. It must be starting to feel a little uncomfortable up there, waiting for her glossy, slightly idiosyncratic take on synth-pop to convince the masses, especially you reckon when rival Face of 2009 contemporary Elly Jackson almost took her reclusive silent partner Ben Langmaid to number one recently.

It would be ironic if New In Town did the trick though; whilst indisputably polished and hook laden, it fundamentally lacks the charm of Meddle, her creative apex so far. This is not to say that it's a bad record; bleeping reassuredly, it covers most of the chart-friendly bases with competence, all nu-disco gyration with an identikit r'n'b kick drum with Hesketh breathing "I don't have a penny, but i'll show you a real good time" in the direction of a lucky refugee.

It's probably not a race. But if it was, Little Boots just at the moment are definitely made for walking.

Andy Peterson

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