LISA SNOWDON has ''made peace'' with not having children.

The 48-year-old television personality and model doesn't have any kids of her own, but has said she and her fiancé George Smart aren't bothered about not starting a family together, as they have nieces and nephews who keep them on their toes.

When asked by OK! magazine if she wants kids one day, Lisa said: ''No, no, no! I'm going to be 49 in January. I can't believe it.

''I've totally made peace with it now. Being a mum wasn't meant for me in this life. My niece Willow is bonkers, she's just like me. We've got five little nieces and nephews all under the age of eight and they've this little crazy bunch.

''We get to hug them and then we get to say goodbye. We don't feel childless because Willow is always texting me and we've got a lot of contact with them on a daily basis.''

George also isn't interested in being a father, as he says he feels ''very lucky'' to have nieces and nephews, and admits Lisa has always been his ''priority''.

Asked how he feels about not having children, he said: ''The same, my priority has always been Lisa and will always be. We feel very lucky to have nieces and nephews that we're close to. We're happy with our life.''

To which Lisa added: ''It's just you and me kid! A lot of people with kids say to us, 'You're so lucky, you're always away!' or, 'You're so lucky not to have to homeschool.' We'd like dogs one day when we get our big house.''

Because they don't have kids, Lisa and George are able to travel the world without restrictions, and love ''exploring'' different restaurants.

Asked what their typical dates look like, Lisa said: We're both real foodies. George will sometimes just take over with all these new recipes and say, 'No, you relax - I'm going to cook for you.' It's been good fun. He made his famous fish pie, which was delicious.

''We also love the restaurants Bombetta, Hix and Gymkhana, which was our last meal out before lockdown. George has got me into city breaks, I was always a beach girl but we've had some great trips to Oslo, Copenhagen and Bilbao. We love our food, so we're prepared to travel to places off the beaten track.''

And George added: ''We love Japan. A perk of the way we've chosen to live our lives is that we can go all over the world and explore all the restaurants.''