Amelia Gray Hamlin wants to be "glam all the time".

The 20-year-old actress is tired of donning loungewear during the coronavirus pandemic and she is now taking her wardrobe to the next level.

She told People: "I want to be glam all the time.

"My overall fashion vibe right this second is chic and simple, a lot of pastels and just things that are super versatile from night-to-day."

Amelia gets her fashion inspiration from her mother Lisa Rinna and sister Deliah, as they all have different styles that they can interpret.

She explained: "We're all constantly bouncing ideas off of the other, and I think that's really an amazing thing. Because we have three women in the house with three different opinions and different vibes."

However, Amelia revealed that her mother is the most opinionated of the trio.

She said: "She is very opinionated. She her own little situation and vibe definitely stamped in. Whereas Delilah and I are open to whatever comes and whatever we're vibing with in the moment."

Amelia also explained that she likes to keep her style "simple" with some staple pieces.

The actress - who is dating TV star Scott Disick - said: "I like to keep it really simple.

"You can have the days where you layer and you do the cool thing, but you can also have the days where you're literally just in a cream pant and a cream top. You can just chill in it and have no jewellery on.

"Simplicity is extremely beautiful."