Lisa Marie Presley has become a sheep farmer.

The 44-year-old singer - who lives on a 90-acre estate in West Sussex in the south of England with her husband Michael Lockwood and their three-year-old twin daughters Harper and Finley - recently bought a flock of sheep and is enjoying looking after them.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Lisa Marie has thrown herself into the outdoor life [since moving to the UK].

''Over the past six weeks Lisa's had sheep delivered. She's keen for her kids to have a decent grounding and know what it means to work the land.''

Lisa previously revealed she loves living in Britain because the people are so much friendlier than in California, where she used to reside.

She said: ''In California they people are so self-absorbed. I lived in the same neighbourhood for 17 years and I don't think I met a neighbour. When I moved here I was getting notes and flowers and people reaching out to me and I just thought it was incredible. There's a quality of life over here that I needed and I just found it very refreshing.

''Some of the press snoop around the area, but the locals are pretty protective of me, which I really found charming as I'd never experienced that before.''