Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of one of the most famous people to have graced the Earth, has been getting a few people in the English countryside 'All Shook Up' as she has been serving them their fish and chips from the back of a van for some time. Elvis' daughter and her husband, Michael Lockwood, have been helping out one of their friends in the small East Sussex village of Rotherfield since making friends some month ago, with the famous pair regularly popping in to their mobile chippy to lend a helping hand.

Lisa Marie and her husband moved into a £9 million mansion in the area some two years ago and began visiting the local pub, the King's Arms, where they met Justin and Kim Scales, who run the business as well as the pub. Whilst a helping hand is always appreciated, Mrs Scales admitted to the Mailonline that given her serving techniques she wont be considered for a paying job any time soon. She told the online publication, " She got the fish all upside down and was totally cack-handed."

Since moving, Lisa Marie has become fully immersed in the local culture and has tipped her hat to the British way of life, saying in a recent interview for BBC Radio 2 that she much prefers the way of life in Britain as opposed to living amongst "self-absorbed" Californians.