Lisa Marie Presley has shot down reports her marriage is in crisis, insisting she will be with her husband for life.

Elvis Presley's daughter wed her fourth husband, guitarist Michael Lockwood, in 2006, following her failed unions with Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage, and Danny Keough.

Earlier this year (12), reports surfaced suggesting Presley is heading to the divorce courts again, but she is adamant her marriage is rock solid.

She tells British newspaper The Times, "There is absolutely no truth whatsoever to the story my marriage is failing. I will be with him till one of us is dead... Having gone through so many things you just want a partner who complements you, and is really confident with himself.

"(Lockwood) doesn't get intimidated because of my situation. He's worked with really strong females such as Carly Simon. We're partners and best friends. Everything flows really well. Maybe twice in nine years we've had a slight tiff. We haven't spent a night apart: That's also saying something."