Lisa Maffia will be releasing new solo music next year.

The So Solid Crew member has been busy in the studio working on fresh tracks and her plan is to unveil the songs in 2023. Lisa's last single 'Wah Gwarn came out in 2017.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she spilled: "I have loads of brand new solo music coming. I think people will be shocked at what I’ve been working on. Watch this space!

"Lots of shows next year coming too which is exciting."

A return to music is not the only exciting project Lisa has been working on.

The 43-year-old singer is also releasing her own branded rum drink which he is sure will a hit.

She added: "I have lots of great stuff currently on the table! I have a rum coming out very, very soon, it’s called Rum Maffia and it’s a drink for the ravers."

And Lisa is planning to sit down and write her autobiography documenting her life and career, which was kick-started with So Solid Crew's 2001 number one, garage classic '21 Seconds'.

She said: "I also am developing my own film and autobiography."

Lisa can currently be seen on Trace Xmas providing a rundown of her favourite festive hits and more for her ‘Mistletoe and Maffia’ takeover.

The 'All Over' singer said: "Trace Xmas was so much fun! I got to choose some of my favourite Christmas tracks for my ‘Mistletoe Maffia’ takeover, some of the tracks I chose may even surprise you. I love getting the whole family together for Xmas, we celebrate in true Maffia style."

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