In terms of best buds in the movie scene, American star Lisa Kudrow and English comedian Stephen Merchant don’t necessarily seem on the surface like natural friends – but the pair of them got on like a house on fire on the set of new comedy Table 19.

Stephen Merchant and Lisa Kudrow star in 'Table 19'Stephen Merchant and Lisa Kudrow star in 'Table 19'

Released in the UK last week, the Jeffrey Blitz-directed comedy tells the story of a load of odd-ones-out thrown together on one wedding table.

“This is one of the most unique experiences I’ve had working with an ensemble cast – from 18 year old Tony [Revolori, who plays Renzo] to 80 year old June Squibb [who plays Jo Flanagan],” the film’s lead star Anna Kendrick said ahead of the movie’s release.

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Table 19 is that table at a wedding where all the people who they were hoping who wouldn’t, show up,” says 53 year old former ‘Friends’ star Kudrow, who plays Bina Kepp.

“We’ve been having a ball, I’ve just been laughing watching all these characters,” said Craig Robinson [Jerry Kepp, Bina’s husband] about the generally relaxed attitude on the set, and how the cast and crew got on with each other.

Lisa Kudrow plays Bina Kepp in 'Table 19'Lisa Kudrow plays Bina Kepp in 'Table 19'

However, one particular piece of chemistry seems to have been a talking point among the rest of the cast – that of Kudrow and Merchant, who apparently found each other so hilarious that certain scenes had to be done over and over again!

“Stephen really cracks himself up,” Kendrick said of her co-star Merchant, an actor and long-time comic foil of Ricky Gervais. “And that’s beautiful to watch, but he likes to blame it on everybody else!”

Pinning his giggles on Kudrow, Merchant said: “I’m going to blame Lisa completely for any unprofessionalism I may have displayed on the set… She laughs, then I laugh, and we’re done for.”

Stephen Merchant plays Walter Thimple in 'Table 19'Stephen Merchant plays Walter Thimple in 'Table 19'

“Maybe his commitment should be better,” Kudrow said in response with a knowing smile. “He’s hilarious, so I blame him!”

Table 19 got encouraging reviews upon release in the States at the start of March, and it was released in the United Kingdom on April 7th and is in cinemas now.

“It’s got a great story to it that you can fall in love with,” Revolori says simply.

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The cast of 'Table 19'The cast of 'Table 19'