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29th October 2015

Quote: "Everyone said, 'Lionel, Adele is doing your song, Hello', and I said, 'No she's not...' and all of a sudden I heard (her song) Hello. But it's Adele. Even though she didn't cover the song, (just) the word Hello, automatically everyone called me on the phone and said, 'She used Hello', and I said, 'Well, I kind of own Hello', but not to the point where it's any kind of problem. I'll loan Hello to Adele." Lionel Richie has no qualms about the title of Adele's new song being the same as his 1984 hit.

23rd October 2015

Quote: "We've definitely got to do something, me and Lionel. Lionel, I'm putting it out there." British singer Adele is keen to work with Lionel Richie after her new song Hello drew comparisons to his classic hit of the same name.

17th September 2015

Quote: "They're doing so well. I just saw them two nights ago. We had dinner and the whole thing, and they are so happy in their new house. I love the rumour where they said, 'They're breaking up'. No, they were moving out of their old house and moving into the new house... They actually had a laugh at it, but it started getting serious." Lionel Richie dismisses reports suggesting his daughter Nicole and her husband Joel Madden are splitting up.

3rd September 2015

Quote: "Bob said, 'Come down to the room'... a room that looks like it has been set on fire. And it was at that point I realised that whatever I was smoking in Alabama was Lipton tea, but I remembered clearly taking the rest of that night trying to remember who the hell I was!" Lionel Richie has a vague recollection of getting high with reggae legend Bob Marley.

14th July 2015

Fact: Lionel Richie's 16-year-old daughter Sophia is the new face of Madonna's fashion brand Material Girl. The aspiring model has been a huge fan of the Queen of Pop ever since her superstar dad took her to a Madonna concert when she was five years old.

27th April 2015

Quote: "Glastonbury is a big deal for me. My God, it's bigger than anything that ever lived. It's like Coachella on steroids. To put it in some kind of perspective, I'm as excited about Glastonbury as the first time The Commodores played Madison Square Gardens (sic). It could be a career re-defining thing." Lionel Richie is excited about his upcoming performance in the Sunday afternoon 'Legends' slot at Britain's Glastonbury festival in June (15).

3rd March 2015

Quote: "Why would you have a festival when you're not sure if it's going to rain? Why don't you just put a roof on everything? I don't understand! But you all seem to like the mud and the rain and I've gotten used to it now." Lionel Richie wants an enclosure to avoid the wet U.K. weather at Britain's Glastonbury music festival, which he is set to headline in Somerset, England in June (15).

22nd January 2015

Fact: Lionel Richie, Ellie Goulding, Nick Jonas, and Meghan Trainor have been tapped to be celebrity mentors on the upcoming eighth season of U.S. Tv talent show The Voice. They will help judges Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton lead aspiring singers to victory.

31st July 2014

Fact: Poison frontman BRET MICHAELS has recorded a new version of Lionel Richie's Endless Love for an upcoming Nissan car ad, in which he also appears.

25th July 2014

Fact: Soul man Lionel Richie is to be honoured with the Legend of Live award at the 2014 Billboard Touring Awards in November (14). The accolade honours individuals or bands who have made significant and lasting contributions to live music and the touring industry. Previous honorees include Sir Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, Journey, Neil Diamond, and George Strait.

30th June 2014

Tweet: "It was an honour to be a part of the Lionel Richie tribute tonight! I've been singing 'Hello' since my high school talent shows! #BETAwards." John Legend honoured Lionel Richie in a performance on Sunday (29Jun14) at the 2014 BET Awards, where the veteran singer received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

30th June 2014

Fact: Producers behind the 2014 BET Awards broadcast made a blunder by misspelling Lionel Richie's name. When the singer came onstage to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony on Sunday (29Jun14), the on-screen graphics named him 'Lionel Ritchie'.

5th June 2014

Quote: "My co-producer came over to my house while I was at the piano, and I sang, 'Hello, is it me you're looking for?' when he walked in. He said, 'Finish it', even though it wasn't a song! I thought it was so corny, but he said it'd be a hit - and it was." Lionel Richie reflects on his accidental hit. The 1983 track has since become a classic.

4th June 2014

Quote: "This is probably my favourite song for the Commodores, because there is not a day that goes by that those lyrics don't apply. Bob Dylan told me he uses it for his soundcheck. Are you kidding me? That's a great compliment." Lionel Richie on the popularity of his 1977 Commodores hit Easy.

27th May 2014

Quote: "That song has created more babies... We have populated the world." Lionel Richie on his romantic calypso hit All Night Long (All Night).

27th May 2014

Quote: "I go and get all of the T-shirts of everybody, because I have to have... shirts that I cut up for my car washing. I have to cut 'em up. And they (kids) go, 'Dad, what are you doing with the Jack White T-shirt?' and I go, 'Well, it's simple, I gotta wash the car'." Lionel Richie collects T-shirts when he's performing at festivals and plans to stock up on car washing 'cloths' when he performs at Bonnaroo in Tennessee later this year (14).

26th May 2014

Quote: "Ugh. Just shoot me! Remember, now, she was the first. And so my expectation of that was going to be: disaster... Nicole and Paris told me later, 'I told you so'. But I must tell you, at the time, I thought, 'This is about the worst thing that could ever happen to a family'!" Lionel Richie was convinced his daughter Nicole's reality Tv series The Simple Life with Paris Hilton would be a huge mistake.

26th May 2014

Quote: "On my tombstone, it will be reading, 'Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?'" Lionel Richie cannot escape the opening line to his most famous song.

22nd May 2014

Quote: "It was freaky. It freaked me out. It was Mike, it was brilliantly done. But it made me a little uneasy because I keep waiting for him (to come out) and I realise that it is him, but it's not him. It was a little over the top for me." Singer Lionel Richie was not a fan of the hologram of his late pal Michael Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (18May14).

20th February 2014

Quote: "When I wrote All Night Long, All Night Long was possible. Now I'm down to a fierce 30 minutes. It's fierce. It's intense though." Lionel Richie, 64, admits he can't party as hard as when he first wrote his hit song in 1983.

12th February 2014

Fact: Lionel Richie and Cee-Lo Green are teaming up to tour North America this summer (14). The odd couple will kick off the All The Hits: All Night Long tour on 29 May (14).

13th December 2013

Fact: Lionel Richie's 15 year old daughter, Sofia, has landed her first modelling gig for Los Angeles-based swimwear line Mary Grace Swim.

17th September 2013

Quote: "It's part of the business. When Elvis shook his hips left and right, that was called the most vulgar thing... and from then on it became who is gonna be more risque than the last person. That's where we are now... My take on it is, 'It's showbusiness!'" Lionel Richie on Miley Cyrus' raunchy routine at the MTV Video Music Awards.

26th June 2013

Fact: Lionel Richie has shot a new Australian Tv ad for home beer dispenser Tap King, in which he performs his 1984 hit Hello from inside a refrigerator.

7th June 2013

Tweet: "Due to the weather, our @todayshow concert has been moved indoors." Veteran crooner Lionel Richie was forced to move under cover for his guest performance on U.S. Tv's Today show on Friday (07Jun13) due to heavy rain battering New York.

30th April 2013

Fact: Lionel Richie and his 14-year-old daughter Sofia performed onstage together for the first time in Santa Monica, California on Monday night (29Apr13). The soul icon stepped up to perform Hello with the teenager at a Milken Institute gala, and told the audience, "We have never done this in our lives."

16th October 2012

Quote: "She came over the other day, and we went to the mall, watched Harry Potter, and went swimming." Lionel Richie's 14-year-old daughter Sofia is close friends with Paris Jackson.

11th June 2012

Fact: Lionel Richie joined old pal Kenny Rogers onstage at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee on Sunday (10Jun12) for their duet Lady and his new country-style track All Night Long. Rogers returned to the main stage hours after his set to perform his hit The Gambler with jam band Phish.

6th April 2012

Quote: "I have an estate that Lady bought." Lionel Richie on the success of the song he wrote for Kenny Rogers.

6th April 2012

Quote: "I asked (Rascal Flatts singer) Gary LeVox what he did before he came to studio. He said, 'Lionel, I killed a buck this morning.' Now, you don't hear that conversation in Beverly Hills." Lionel Richie on working with country's biggest stars for his new duets album Tuskegee.

6th April 2012

Quote: "I've been kinda cautious about love. Everytime I say I love you, I lose a house! It's getting to the point now where I say, 'I like you, and I'll be back.'" Twice-divorced soul star Lionel Richie doubts another marriage is in his future.

30th March 2012

Quote: "In every room on the first floor, I have slave shackles or a branding iron as a reminder that I stand on the shoulders of some amazing people." Singer and Alabama native Lionel Richie has decorated his Los Angeles mansion with slavery artefacts.

28th March 2012

Fact: "Probably my Oscar for Say You, Say Me. More than anything, I remember it was Gene Kelly who gave me it. I can remember that as if it was just like the birth of one of my kids. You don't forget that one." Lionel Richie's most prized possession is the Academy Award he won when his song was used in 1985 film White Nights.

22nd March 2012

Quote: "People were like, 'Hello... is it me you're looking for? How corny can you get, Lionel?' and I said, 'I don't know, man'." Lionel Richie on the comments he received when he first played his classic ballad Hello to record label bosses.

21st March 2012

Quote: "It's a tragedy because somewhere along the line she lost her footing... I just stopped for a minute and cried. That was not the way the ending was supposed to be... I watched it happen with my dear friend Michael (Jackson)." Lionel Richie on the death of his friend Whitney Houston.

9th March 2012

Fact: Veteran singer Lionel Richie invited British singers Pixie Lott and Rebecca Ferguson to share the stage with him at the recording of his upcoming U.K. TV special. This Is Lionel Richie is due to air on the Itv network next month (Apr12).

6th March 2012

Quote: "You can't cut black skin: it makes lines." Veteran singer Lionel Richie has no plans to undergo cosmetic surgery.

6th March 2012

Quote: "We were on a rocket ship. Who was around Nicole every day? Uncle Michael (Jackson). Uncle Prince. Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra. That's not normal. This was life on steroids." Lionel Richie admits his fame affected his daughter Nicole's upbringing.

9th February 2012

Quote: "I know guys who can't wait not to be a doctor. I know guys who can't wait to retire from law. Here I am, at 140 years old, talking about having another album coming out." Lionel Richie has no plans to retire.

7th December 2011

Quote: "I always thought two terrible things my kid could bring home were: 1) a musician and 2) a musician. No father ever wants to hear his daughter's dating a musician." Crooner Lionel Richie jokes about his disappointment in first hearing his fashion designer daughter Nicole had found love with Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden. The young couple is now married and has two kids - little girl Harlow and son Sparrow.

30th October 2011

Quote: "He called to ask if I'd sing on a track with him and we worked out the details on Skype. He was lovely when I met him and the song he wrote for us is amazing." British singer Pixie Lott was overjoyed to work with Lionel Richie on a track for his new country album.

28th February 2011

Fact: Lionel Richie has reached out to Taylor Swift to record a new version of his 2003 song Angel for his forthcoming duets album, Tuskegee. The soul star has re-recorded his most popular hits with the biggest names in country music, including Tim Mcgraw, JIMMY BUFFET, Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers.

17th December 2010

Quote: "In his speech, (Lionel Richie joked), 'You always dream your daughter will meet her Prince Charming, and then this guy shows up with tattoos!' But he said Nicole and I were made for each other - that I was her Prince Charming." Rocker Joel Madden endured some teasing from his new father-in-law LIONEL RICHIE when he wed socialite Nicole Richie last weekend (11Dec10).

16th December 2010

Fact: Lionel Richie walked his daughter NICOLE down the aisle to the tune of BALLERINA GIRL, his 1986 ode to the socialite, when she wed rocker Joel Madden. The couple married at the soul star's Beverly Hills, California mansion last weekend (11Dec10).

28th August 2010

Quote: "Everytime I say, 'I love you' I lose a house." Twice-divorced singer Lionel Richie reflects on his turbulent love life.

22nd July 2010

Fact: Lionel Richie is the star of a tasty new advertising campaign - the HELLO hitmaker appears in the U.K. TV commercial for Walkers crisps, and is thrown through a shop window by ex-soccer star Gary Lineker when he tries to steal a chip.

30th June 2010

Quote: "He is amazing. He is a great songwriter but also a good person, too. He is very humble for someone of his stature." Enrique Iglesias looks up to Lionel Richie.

7th June 2010

Fact: Stars including Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie, and Dick Van Dyke turned out to perform at the Lincoln Medal presentation ceremony in Washington, D.C. on Sunday evening (06Jun10). The gala, held at the historic Ford's Theatre where former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, saw President Barack Obama hand prizes to South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu and South African Constitutional Court Justice Albie Sachs.

3rd February 2010

Fact: "They told me, 'You're doing Bob Dylan's part,' and I was like, 'You guys are real good comedians'." Lil Wayne was stunned when Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones asked him to re-record Dylan's line in the We Are The World charity anthem, which was taped on Monday night (01Feb10) to help raise funds for the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

26th January 2010

Quote: "The 25th anniversary of We Are The World is right now... This is the perfect time; there are people dying. It's time to lend a hand... We want to empower the new generation to serve, to make a difference in the world... We're gonna take all the people from the Grammys, as many as we can get, put them in a room and recreate We Are The World." Lionel Richie on his plans to re-record his charity anthem We Are The World to raise funds for the relief effort in Haiti next week (beg01Feb10).

29th September 2009

Quote: "I'm very proud of Joel and Nicole, they've done a fabulous job and they delivered on time! I was leaving town and I wanted to make sure I was there for the baby and they did it exactly on time! I love the baby!" Lionel Richie is delighted he was able to be present for the birth of his daughter NICOLE's newborn son with boyfriend Joel Madden. The couple welcomed Sparrow James Madden into the world on 9 September (09), a little brother for their 21-month-old girl Harlow.

9th July 2009

Quote: "It was beautiful, it was poignant, it was sad, it was funny. It just had so many moments and it was wonderful to see the people who really knew him like Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie... and everyone just really celebrating the great entertainer that he was. (He was) a great human being." Queen Latifah on speaking at Michael Jackson's memorial service on Tuesday (07Jul09), where she gave a touching public tribute to the King of Pop.

9th July 2009

Quote: "It was a heavy day. You never wanna think about your kids ever having to go through that." Rocker Joel Madden feels for Michael Jackson's three children after attending the King of Pop's memorial service in Los Angeles on Tuesday (07Jul09) with girlfriend Nicole Richie. Jackson was close friends with the socialite's father Lionel Richie and was her godfather.

10th June 2009

Quote: "She's a mum! She kind of scares me, (saying) 'Dad, your voice is too loud. You're scaring the baby.' PARIS (HILTON) and Nicole used to come in screaming and hollering in the middle of the night. Now it's shush, quiet!" Lionel Richie is amazed how his former wildchild daughter Nicole Richie has transformed since becoming a mother.

10th June 2009

Quote: "All the clothes you've been wearing the last six months, you throw them away and after that you ask everyone in the house, 'Where's all my stuff?' Because they know where it is." Lionel Richie finds it difficult readjusting after long stints on tour.

29th May 2009

Quote: "He isn't Lionel Richie, the entertainer, when we're at home. He's in sweats. He never gets dressed. He doesn't brush his hair. He gardens all day long. He cleans the pool. He's my dad." Nicole Richie on her famous father LIONEL.

27th May 2009

Quote: "I met King Abdullah II from Jordan and his lovely wife. I get off the plane and he comes backstage, the first thing he said was, 'The next time you come, be sure to bring Nicole.' I go, 'I beg your pardon?' 'We’re big fans of Nicole.' I could have fainted right in front of him." Lionel Richie on learning his daughter is a big hit in the Middle East.

20th April 2009

Quote: "I didnt want to be in comedy, I didnt plan on being in movies. I wanted to be Lionel Richie. That was the goal." Jamie Foxx insists he never thought he'd win an Oscar.

4th November 2008

Fact: Hitmakers Akon and NE-YO have given soul man Lionel Richie a boost - by writing songs for the HELLO singer's new album. The two modern R+B stars are among the guests collaborating with Richie on his upcoming LP JUST GO, which will hit stores early next year (09).

10th June 2008

Quote: "Forget about 40 years in showbusiness. Just surviving 27 years of Nicole Richie is enough. I stand here as a survivor." Lionel Richie on his daughter's troublesome childhood.

26th May 2008

Quote: "A lot of Disney stuff and classical. She likes Good Charlotte. And she likes her granddad (Lionel Richie)'s music. She likes old stuff. She's a CURE fan ... She likes The Cure - she kicks her legs." Joel Madden on his daughter HARLOW's taste in music.

11th April 2008

Quote: "You're only as happy as your saddest child and right now all of my children are very happy. I'm going to tour around the world again, another album is coming. I'm having a great time." New grandfather Lionel Richie is a happy man.

7th March 2008

Quote: "She had this look of her face, and I said, 'And it doesn't come with a manual!'" Soul legend Lionel Richie recalls the moment his daughter NICOLE gave birth to his granddaughter HARLOW in January (08).

6th March 2008

Quote: "I love him to death, I couldn't ask for a better guy." Lionel Richie on his fondness for daughter NICOLE's partner JOEL MADDEN.

5th September 2007

Fact: Soul star and grandfather-to-be Lionel Richie's Bercy Arena show in Paris, France (May07) was recorded for an upcoming concert DVD - the singer's first.

21st March 2007

Quote: "I know what you're thinking: 'I never knew DAVE's son got so big - and Jewish." Funnyman Adam Sandler on stepping in to host The Late Show With David Letterman last night (20MAR07) after Letterman fell ill. Sandler's first interview was with his dog MATZOBALL. He then chatted with his REIGN OVER ME co-star Don Cheadle and duetted with him on an impromptu version of Diana Ross and Lionel Richie's ENDLESS LOVE ballad.

13th February 2007

Fact: Soul star John Legend was thrilled to hear Lionel Richie would be performing HELLO at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (11FEB07) because he used to sing the ballad at talent contests.

12th February 2007

Quote: "I started out when there was HENRY MANCINI in the audience and half the people weren't even allowed to be there - the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, James Brown, they didn't come. It's amazing what the Grammys have become." Soul star Lionel Richie gets nostalgic on the Grammy Awards red carpet.

12th February 2007

Quote: "I started out when there was HENRY MANCINI in the audience and half the people weren't even allowed to be there - the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, James Brown, they didn't come. It's amazing what the Grammys have become." Soul star Lionel Richie gets nostalgic on the Grammy Awards red carpet.

5th December 2006

Quote: "I'm old enough to be her father. I'm old enough to be Lionel Richie. I think NICOLE might have something to say... 'What the hell, an 80-year-old man.'" George Clooney is stunned by soul star Lionel Richie's claims he'd like the movie star as a son-in-law.

20th November 2006

Quote: "I'm a legend in my own mind, the greatest porn star I know. You can't write love songs and not be the greatest porn star." Lionel Richie boasts of his prowess.

23rd October 2006

Quote: "Nicole has one basic rule. She says, 'Dad, I won't date anybody your age if you don't date anybody my age.'" Lionel Richie shares the dating pact he has with his daughter NICOLE.

19th October 2006

Quote: "I have tiny ears - little, tiny, Martian ears." Soul star Lionel Richie hates his ears.

2nd October 2006

Quote: "This is the first album homeboy here's done single... Some of the lyrics that I've written on this album, I would not have written if I were married: 'Found me a pretty little thing that's gonna keep me up all night.'" Lionel Richie enjoyed the single life while recording new album COMING HOME.

2nd October 2006

Quote: "I'm older and wiser and we do it slowly now... When you're 19 to 35, everything's in a hurry. ALL NIGHT LONG is down to a fierce half hour." Soul star Lionel Richie jokes about his staying power in the bedroom.

25th September 2006

Quote: "We played at (GENERAL) KHADAFI's home. Khadafi is a huge fan." Lionel Richie is always amazed by his popularity in the Middle East.

19th September 2006

Quote: "As corny and as crazy as it may sound, when I go to any show it's almost like karaoke night - everyone knows the words." Lionel Richie on performing live around the world.

7th September 2006

Fact: Lionel Richie wrote his 1987 hit BALLERINA GIRL for his then four-year-old adopted daughter NICOLE.

15th June 2006

Fact: Soul star Lionel Richie is making sure his comeback album has an ultra-hip feel to it by signing up the hottest producers. The HELLO singer will work with Jermaine Dupri, Raphael Saadiq and DALLAS AUSTIN, among others, on the project.

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