Lionel Richie is a ''big believer'' in getting autographs.

Despite his own global fame, the 'Easy' hitmaker can't resist getting a lasting reminder of his encounters with other famous faces.

He said: ''I bought a guitar just like Bb King's Lucille and I asked him to sign it. He died about four months later.

''I'm a big believer in getting an autograph. I have presidents, major dignitaries. When I met Nelson Mandela, the first thing I said to him was, 'You gotta sign something.

''If I walk in a room and I'm a fan of you, I will act like a fan.''

However, Lionel admits he no longer gets asked for autographs as frequently and always has to be camera-ready because fans prefer to get pictures instead.

He told Q magazine: ''Selfies are now replacing autographs. Now we all have cell phones, even if you don't want to be bothered, they just take a picture of you from across the room.

''So you have to be mindful of being fully dressed when you walk out in public because you'll be Instagrammed. Make sure you've got your clothes on!

''Back in the old days, someone would say, 'Hey, let's get in the pool, take your clothes off.' Now it's like, 'Not me! I'm not taking off my clothes. Are you nuts?'''