Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson suffered "panic attacks" and severe weight loss during her relationship with the actress due to the pressure of dating a celebrity.

The Mean Girls star hit headlines when she struck up the same-sex romance in 2008 and they quickly became one of the most photographed couples in Hollywood, as the turbulent relationship played out in the gossip columns.

Ronson admits the union, which ended in 2009, was filled with drama and it began to affect her health.

In an interview with actress Joy Bryant as part of her Across the Board series, Ronson says, "I had panic attacks all the time and I lost so much weight, had so much anxiety, it just made it whack (bad)..."

She adds of the photographers who followed the couple, "Even the paparazzi guys would laugh. They'd seen me for years going in and out of the same clubs, smoking cigarettes, talking s**t... and they're like 'I'm so sorry'... (but) this is what (the media) wants'... It was crazy... They'd be the same ones outside my house every day and they weren't there for me..."