Lindsay Lohan has backed out of her scheduled interview with Barbara Walters because the questions were going to discuss too much regarding her personal life and current police allegations, reports TMZ. 

Lindsay Lohan's escapades have been difficult to avoid knowledge of. Her face is everywhere, as are accounts of her wrong doings. However, she has avoided speaking to the press herself for a long time, that is until she finally agreed to an interview with journo veteran Barbara Walters. However, having got all of our hopes up she's dashed them to the wind by repealing her original choice. Ah well, perhaps it's a good thing? To cope with our disappointment we've come up with a pros and cons list 

Pro: Lindsay gets enough air time as it is, surely there's only so much time we can spend reading, writing and talking about her. An entire hour's interview with Li-Lo would fuel far too much conversation.

Con: We quite like talking about everything Lohan. She's fascinating, in her own special way.

Pro: There's no chance of Lohan's publicists getting annoyed with her for anything she says in the interview that could be harmful to her image and to her case with the police. Apparently it was her publicists Rogers & Cowan that ensured she pull out, fearing that it may be detrimental to her. Lohan is reportedly feeling terrible about cancelling on Walters, who is a close friend.

Con: Despite the possibility that whatever Lohan says could be destructive to herself, it could also go the other way. In her youth she was infinitely endearing, if a little precocious- it may be that side of her that's seen in the 20/20 interview. The whole thing could have worked in her favour!

Regardless of our pros and cons, it's unlikely that Rogers and Cowan will change their mind. On the bright side reports say Lohan wants to reschedule. We'll be looking forward to it. Lohan will be starring in the Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz&Dick on November 25th 2012.