Lindsay Lohan will not be allowed Adderall during her time in rehab.

The 26-year-old actress has reportedly said she will only enter a court ordered treatment facility if she is allowed to have the prescription drug - used to treat Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder - but a source at Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, New York, where she has chosen to check in to, insists they don't allow it.

The insider told TMZ : ''We are suspicious of Adderall because of its many abuses - lots of people say they take it for ADHD, when they're really using it for weight loss and getting high.''

While the facility tries to get patients off Adderall and uses other drugs to treat ADHD instead, Lindsay has told friends she has tried other medications but none have worked.

The troubled starlet was recently sentenced to 90 days in rehab after pleading ''no contest'' to charges for lying to police about driving during a car crash last June but put it off until after the Coachella music festival to the horror of her friends.

Claus Hjelmbak said: ''I fear for her life if she goes to the festival. Lindsay is in a very dark place right now, and I'm absolutely scared for her life. Coachella is the last place she needs to be. For someone struggling with addiction, like Lindsay, the amount of drugs and alcohol at Coachella is just a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. Lindsay can turn it around, but she has to look deep inside herself and get the help she needs.''