As the ratings for Lindsay Lohan’s “tell all“ OWN docu-series keep dropping, more of the star’s now-infamous list of conquests has been revealed. This is a big one. Apparently Ashton Kutcher – Two and a half Men star and current beau to Mila Kunis – has been revealed as one of Lindsay’s 30+ exes.

Lindsay Lohan
A few more dudes, who apparently could not escape Lohan's charm, have been revealed.

After the publication of an abridged version of the list last week, In Touch Weekly chose to keep some of the more well known names private – apparently it was a marketing ploy, designed to whet gossip hounds’ attitudes, because now they’ve come out with a few of the more high-profile names on the infamous list, doodled on a napkin, which then made its way into the media, via some of Lohan’s trigger-happy “friends.”

Ashton KutcherOrlando Bloom
Ashton Kutcher [l] and Orlando Bloom [r] are just two more names on Lohan's list.

The first batch of names boasted some pretty big conquests – from Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine to Zac Efron and Joaquin Phoenix. This time around, some of the names include Orlando Bloom, Ryan Phillippe, Benicio Del Toro and topping the list: Ashton Kutcher. “Lindsay loves being linked to good-looking, famous, successful men,” the ever trust-worthy anonymous “source close to the actress” told In Touch.

So, good on her, right? As one fictional guidance councilor once put it: “Let your freak flag fly.” Or something.

Lindsay Lohan
So... way to go, Lindsay? Hopefully this is the last we hear about this story.