Lindsay Lohan's father has accused his fiancée of being a liar with a drinking problem.

Michael Lohan has hit back at Kate Major - who told police officers he threatened to kill her with a knife at their home in Florida on Monday night (17.02.14), after they got into a heated fight that led her to blast him on Twitter - and insists he was only trying to protect their 13-month-old son, Landon.

The 53 year old told gossip website ''My son Landon and nanny are with me. Kate's been having a lot of problems lately with her drinking and pill use and after catching her drinking again tonight, I threatened to take my son away from her, she started this whole thing on Twitter.''

Michael, who denies threatening Kate in anyway, claims he called the police to prove Kate ''lied'' about the incident on Twitter.

He said: ''I actually had my neighbour over who is a sheriff, but after hearing of Kate's sick tweets, I called the police to prove she lied. Soon after they came, they realised she lied they left.''

According to the police report, obtained by, Kate claimed Michael falsely accused her of drinking around their baby before grabbing a knife and threatening to kill her with it.

She said she locked herself in a bedroom to get away from him.

But the 30 year old, who denied Michael's previous claims that she was hospitalised after attempting to harm herself on Saturday (15.02.14), hinted she is eager to move past the incident and tweeted today (18.02.14): ''I love Landon & nothing will ever change that or take that from me!!!!''

She added: ''I should not have tweeted anything. This has all turned into a whirlwind. I'm sorry''