Amazingly, its been a decade since the release of Mean Girls, the movie that has become a touch stone of pop culture for millennial teens. Written by Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls was a pretty much perfect high school comedy that still holds up 10 years later. But now we’re learning that it all could have been a lot different, as director Mike Waters and star Daniel Franzese have both given interviews detailing the changes Mean Girls went through before making it to the big screen.

daniel franzeseDaniel Franzese has dished some secrets on how Mean Girls could have been very different

Perhaps the most major revelation we've read is just how different the Mean Girls cast line up could have looked. Firstly Lindsay Lohan did not want to play the lead role of Cady, instead she had her eyes on what she thought was a juicier part, that of Regina George. Lindsay was in line to play Regina, but the studio just couldn’t find a convincing Cady and even Rachel McAdams auditioned for the part. Lohan was eventually told she would have to take the lead and McAdams, who had been told she was too old to play Cady was then cast as Regina George. Once everybody was in their correct roles it was clear the right decision had been made as McAdams seemed to make the young Lohan pretty nervous, thus giving the characters the correct on screen dynamic.

The Lindsay/Rachel role switch wasn't the only casting revelation to recently come to light. Director Mark Waters also said that McAdams wasn't without competition for the role of Regina George. The actress who was neck and neck with McAdams for the part was none other than Amanda Seyfried. Seyfried impressed producers but they ultimately cast McAdams, however they still hadn't found their ditzy Karen. Eventually it was producer Lorne Michaels who suggested Amanda could be Karen and she was right. As Mark Waters put it, with McAdams as Regina and Amanda as Karen they ended up getting “got the best of both worlds.”

Lindsay LohanCould you imagine Lindsay Lohan as Regina?

In another juicy revaltion one person who could have joined the Mean Girls cast was James Franco, who was at one stage considered for the role of Aaron Samuels. Daniel Franzese aka Damien revealed to Cosmopolitan that before Jonathan Bennett was cast Franco was in the running for the role, as Franzese puts it Franco as Aaron “would’ve been cool.”

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