Lindsay Lohan's father has written a heartfelt letter to the troubled star - and published it in U.S. magazine In Touch.
The actress has blasted Michael Lohan for concerns he made public at a press conference and in a TV interview last week (ends15Oct09), and has threatened to file for a restraining order against her father - but that hasn't stopped him from speaking out.
His letter, published in the new issue of In Touch, begins with an apology for "the pain and inner turmoil that I am responsible for, for being away in prison or getting divorced from Mom."
Calling Lindsay "my blessed daughter," the born-again Christian adds, "I have held your vacant body in my arms, felt the tears fall down your face, and I tried every way to make you see what is happening to you.
"I have helped so many others 'successfully,' Linds, please, Honey, let me help you. Let me help you get your life back so that you can build it to where you once were."
Michael alleges his daughter is hooked on prescription drugs and needs help - claims Lindsay dismisses.
He concludes by writing, "God bless us all in this time of need. I hope and pray to hold 'my Lindsay' in my arms once again. Soon. Love Dad."
The publication has also obtained a letter written by Lohan's former pal Courtenay Semel, who underwent rehab earlier this year (09) to address her own substance abuse problems.
The socialite writes, "I look at you and I want to cry. I see myself in you six months ago."