Lindsay Lohan’s Liz & Dick will premiere on Lifetime on November 25, 2012. Amidst the persistent tabloid dramas, it’s easy to forget that Lindsay Lohan has been trying to revive her ailing career. However, the 26 year-old was cast to play Elizabeth Taylor in the TV movie, which will explore the late Hollywood legend’s relationship with Richard Burton. Taylor is a popular character; the subject matter alone will be enough to draw in an audience but of course, curiosity is bound to get the better of scores of viewers, who will tune in to see what the troubled actress makes of the role.

Liz & Dick follows the tale of Elizabeth and Richard’s 25 year love affair, who married and divorced twice in their time together. Their relationship was renowned for being a turbulent and fiery one, beginning when they both starred in Cleopatra together. Starring opposite Lohan, as Burton, is the True Blood star Grant Bowler.

Of course, Lindsay Lohan has gone through her own fair share of turbulence recently. During the filming of Liz and Dick, Lohan crashed her Porsche into a dump truck and just a week later, had to be treated by paramedics for exhaustion and dehydration. Was it a sign of an excessive work schedule or something else? More recently, Lindsay was accused of hitting a pedestrian with her car outside a New York nightclub, though that matter appears to now be resolved.