Lindsay Lohan will complete her court ordered community service at a day care centre.

The 'Mean Girls' actress will reportedly finish the remainder of her sentence at the Duffield Children's Centre in Brooklyn, New York, before the May 28 deadline or face jail time.

Sources from the centre have told TMZ the 28-year-old actress is ''ready to help'' and will participate in a range of activities, including administrative work, arts and crafts and reading with the kids.

The news follows reports Lindsay had fallen ''woefully short'' of completing her court ordered community service after she was told to do a further 125 hours by May 28 in February after a Los Angeles judge criticised certain tasks she had counted as part of her punishment for reckless driving in 2012.

Just last week Lindsay was said to have undertaken 9.5 hours and will therefore have to work seven hours a day for seven days a week in order to finish by the deadline.

However she may find it tough to complete the sentence as a hearing previously stated she could only undertake four hours of voluntary work a day.