Lindsay Lohan's father has had an "aggressive" skin cancer removed from his hand.

Michael Lohan was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma around four years ago but on Tuesday (09.01.24) night, he received a call advising he needed to get a patch removed as soon as possible, and went under the knife the following day.

The 63-year-old showbiz patriarch explained to TMZ he "recently had a suspicious lesion on [his] hand" that prompted doctors to do a biopsy, and the results of the test required swift action.

The cancer had "deep roots" but doctors were able to remove it all, though Michael expects it to return at some point.

He took to Instagram to show the scar on his hand after the operation and wrote: “Never be ashamed of the scars life has left you with. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed, you endured the pain, and God has healed you.”

One follower commented: "Praying for your complete healing, Michael, in Jesus name, amen!"

Michael replied: "Thank you. Yes. He got it all but it had deep roots and I have aggressive/ invasive type. It WILL come back at some time in a different part but have to monitor. They want me back in 3 weeks. God is GOoD.(sic)"

Michael didn't tell his 'Mean Girls' actress daughter about his medical situation because he didn't want her to worry or for the situation to impact on her work, and his eldest son Michael Jr., 36, is the only one of his seven kids he has confided in.

This isn't the first time Michael has had cancer-related health worries.

In 2011, he had growths removed from his colon amid concerns about colon cancer, and a year before, he had had surgery for another skin cancer "scare".

He told the Daily Mail newspaper at the time: “I had a skin cancer scare last year and they cut it out and it never came back, thank God. My body is fighting things off pretty well.”