It's not just Lindsay Lohan's life that's spinning out on control, her family seems to be following her down. Unless, Lohan's following her mum, Dina, down as she seems to claim in a recording reported by, in which she's heard to say “This is what you do.  You ruin people... [You're] like the... devil right now.”

The recording is of a fight between the mother and daughter which erupted at 4am after a night out and seemed to be a dispute over money. Dina apparently owes Lindsay $40,000 that the Mean Girls star lent to her mother to avoid the foreclosure of her home.

The fight led to a 911 call in regard to a 'domestic disturbance' although no arrests were made and the police refused to give any comment on the details of the altercation. The TMZ recording is of a phonecall that she made to her dad in which she also accuses her mother of being on cocaine and that she “[has a] gash on [her] leg from what happened.” The website say they will be releasing the audio later.

This is just another in a long line of problems for LiLo over the past few years including stealing a necklace, a short prison stint, breaking probation, a DUI and countless altercations on nights out with her family, friends and strangers. Although three years ago her behavior was somewhat excusable- where's a multimillionaire 23-year-old supposed to get her kicks? But now, at the age of 26, we all expect a little more from Lohan, and certainly considerably more from her contentious mother. Lohan stars in 'The Canyons', penned by Bret Easton Ellis, alongside James Deen, set for a release next year.