Lindsay Lohan has reunited with her former personal assistant.

Gavin Doyle - who told police the 27-year-old actress was lying after she claimed he was driving when they crashed into a cement truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in June 2012, before she eventually admitted she was at fault and stuck a plea deal with prosecutors - appears to have mended his friendship with 'The Canyons' star.

The duo was spotted leaving Lure restaurant in New York City together on Friday night (11.10.13), according to gossip website

Gavin was expected to be a key witness in Lindsay's trial if it went ahead but was not required to testify against her after she accepted a last minute plea deal to seek treatment in rehab for 90 days, which she completed at the end of July.

The flame-haired star was last seen with Gavin in a New York nightclub in April, where she went reportedly ''went ballistic at the club'' for allowing him to come over to say hello to her.

A source said at the time: ''He tried to come over to her and say hi. She was at another table and she went ape a**t. He attempted to approach the table. She started throwing stuff. She was throwing glasses and freaking out, yelling.''

Lindsay and Gavin have been through a lot together as he was also with her when she was accused of punching a fortune-teller in New York City last November.

The actress, who is currently filming a documentary about herself for Oprah Winfrey's OWN channel, vowed to cut all of her ''toxic'' friends out of her life after leaving rehab, as she is keen to stay on the straight and narrow but it appears she believes Gavin is a good influence.