The last time we heard from Lindsay Lohan, she was done with the Betty Ford Center and wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. However, while Amanda Bynes has been stealing her 'former child star goes crazy' headlines, it turns out Lindsay has been doing some pretty good work in rehab.

According to sources that spoke with, the actress has been attending all of her groups and one-on-one counselling sessions and has even started talking to friends about what she's learned. Apparently Lohan has been working on her self-control and reckless impulses and even though the program is getting more complicated and emotional, she's grasping the opportunity with both hands.

Lohan - who is on lockdown in the Betty Ford Center in accordance with the judge's demands - is apparently sleeping in a room with two roommates because she doesn't want to be alone. Insiders say she's actually getting along with both of her fellow patients. Furthermore, several people who have visited Lindsay in the center say she's looking far better than she's looked for a long, long time.

Err, we thought we'd be telling you how crazy Lindsay's been going in there, but, err, nothing to see here guys.

As mentioned, Amanda Bynes is going through her own 'Lindsay Lohan' phase, getting arrested for drugs, turning up for court in wonderful and weird outfits, and hitting out at various people on Twitter. Perhaps she's just keeping the seat warm for Lohan?

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