Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, Mark Heller – who must have the patience of a saint – is still embroiled in the process of cutting a plea bargain to ensure that Lohan doesn’t have to go to trial for allegedly lying to cops about a car crash. Yesterday (February 27, 2013), Heller had a conference call meeting with Santa Monica and LA City prosecutors, who were insisting that Lindsay spend a significant spell in a rehabilitation institution. They were willing to reduce the length of time from 60 days to 30 days, but Heller and Lohan said ‘no deal’ to that offer.

According to a source close to Lohan, the trouble-magnet actress doesn’t see why she should have to serve time in a rehab facility because it feels as though she is being punished for something she hasn’t done, TMZ report. Of course, the flipside of her not accepting the plea bargain is that she will most likely be summoned to trial on March 18, 2013, if she doesn’t want to play ball with what the prosecutors are offering. Heller hasn’t given up though and negotiations are on-going. Just don’t be surprised if this one plays out in court.

This latest news comes amidst revelations that Lohan is facing further tax problems. On top of her existing tax problems. On top of her ailing career problems. And her ‘having to move back in with mom’ problems. Will this become yet another court case for Lindsay Lohan? 

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan thinks rehab facility offer is unfair punishment