Lindsay Lohan is house-hunting in London.

The 'Mean Girls' actress - who moved back to New York after her sixth stint in rehab last year - has been enjoying a stint in the UK but has grown tired of moving hotels every few weeks so wants to find a more permanent base.

Insiders claim the 27-year-old star is hoping to stay in the city for at least a year.

Former model and reality TV star Tom Kilbey - who Lindsay is rumoured to be dating - has been on several nights out with the actress in London and says she is a big fan of the local ''scene''.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I met Lindsay four years ago through mutual friends when I was working in LA.

''She's actually really down to earth and cool. I think she likes the scene over here.''

Meanwhile, the 'Machete' star and her friends - including Tom - were almost thrown out of a party on Monday (16.06.14) for dancing on tables and smoking indoors at Cafe de Paris.

A source at the Moschino LC:M After Party told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Lindsay's friends were pounding the Patrón Margaritas, which made them very rowdy.

''She hardly noticed though as she spent most of the evening cosying up to Tom.

''But security weren't pleased when they saw the mayhem LiLo and her pals were causing.

''Especially when they saw that the group were all smoking inside and risking the safety of themselves and others by getting on to the tables.

''However, the organisers pleaded with security not to oust LiLo and her posse because of their bad behaviour.''

''No-one wanted the night to turn ugly.''