It might be a coincidence that another part of Lindsay Lohan’s hookup list was released amid reports of falling ratings for her OWN series. Even so, it would be a very convenient way to drum up publicity for Lohan and her televised “journey to recovery”. The new names on the list, revealed by In Touch Weekly aren’t third rate reality studs either.

Lindsay Lohan
Lohan has a few reasons to smile - 36 of them, if the list is true.

One of the names on the list – the newly published ones – is Orlando Bloom. Nobody knows when, how and even if the two really hooked up, but that was one reveal that caught us by surprise.

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Another was Ashton Kutcher. Well, nothing can be said against Lohan’s taste in men, at least, though the decision to announce them is a bit questionable. Oh yeah, there’s another one: Benicio Del Toro. This might just be the most random collection of human males assembled in Hollywood history – sort of a crossover between an awards show lineup and a tabloid table of contents. Clearly, Lohan has been expanding her horizons.

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher had the honor of being included.

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There are a couple of lower tier celebs in this batch as well. From Ryan Phillippe to hockey player Aaron Voros and model Petey Wright – it’s not all A-listers and millionaires. It’s good to know Lohan doesn’t discriminate. And speaking of millionaires, Stavros Niarchos and Maggio Cipriani (heir to the Cipriani restaurant empire) have apparently also fallen victim to Lindsay’s charms.

There are still a few more blurred out names left on the list. Assuming In Touch are keeping the best for last, the top five is yet to come. 

Orlando Bloom
So did Orlando Bloom?