With her dad telling the press that she needs to seek professional help for all manner of unspecified drug problems, Lindsay Lohan is understandably less than pleased with her father's outburst and has hit back insisting that she doesn't need rehab at all.

According to TMZ, the former child star was visited at her home by her dad, Michael Lohan, and additional help, with the visiting posse telling the star that they were going to take her to a rehab clinic some 100 miles away. The resolute Lohan refused to open the door and called the cops on the elder Lohan, and has since told the press that there is no reason for her to go into rehab as she is completely clean.

TMZ have also claimed that Lindsay has revealed why she thinks her dad pulled the stunt in the first place, because he is trying to get back in her good books after he recorded their conversation during the middle of an argument involving Lindsay and her mother Dina. The recording then found its way online. Lilo now claims that the only reason why her father is feigning interest in her personal life is so he can get close to her again after being shut out of the actresses' life completely. Lindsay has also said that now she is more intent than ever to force her father from her life once and for all.