Lindsay Lohan has never been in ''true love''.

The 26-year-old actress - who previously had a long-term relationship with Dj Samantha Ronson and has been linked to James Franco - would relish the opportunity to fall in love, but has not found it has happened for her yet.

She said: ''I love being in love, and I want to be in love like that, too. I haven't had that true love that, yes, is so scary, but you go through all those wonderful experiences. I'm looking forward to that.''

Instead, Lindsay relies heavily on her mother Dina Lohan - with who she has had fallings out in the past, and once accused of being on cocaine - and enjoys the relationship they have.

She added to Hello! magazine: ''My mother's the strongest person I know. There's a certain bond that a mother and daughter create when there's not a fatherly figure in your life and my mother and I have that.''