Lindsay Lohan stepped out for a dinner on Thursday evening (July 12, 2012), after buddying up with Lady GaGa and Lana Del Rey for a sleepover the night before. According to X17 Online, the trio had a good old fashioned slumber party at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where's she currently staying.
According to the New York Daily News, Lohan appeared to be feeling the effects from the night before, with her hair "in need of some serious maintenance", and her hair extensions "clearly visible at the crown of her head". Lohan - who wrapped up filming on Lifetime's biopic 'Liz and DICk' earlier this month - looked "rather worse for wear", trying to cover up her makeup free face as she hopped into the back of her Porsche after the dinner on Thursday. On Wednesday, Lohan struck up an unlikely friendship with Del Rey and Gaga, and retired to her room for an evening of "watching movies and playing board games", according to the source who was also in the Chateau Marmont. Lady Gaga had previously enjoyed a sing-a-long with some fans who were gathered at the perimeter of the exclusive L.A. hotspot.
Lohan will next star in upcoming thriller 'The Canyons', written by acclaimed novelist Bret Easton Ellis. The movie also stars adult movie star James Deen, and tells the story of "Youth, glamor, sex and Los Angeles, circa 2012".