Lindsay Lohan may have been late for court but she certainly arrived in style, even if it wasn’t entirely her own doing. As the actress arrived at a Los Angeles court house today (March 18, 2013), she was doused in what appeared to be gold glitter, by an un-named individual. A picture published by the Los Angeles Times website shows Lohan, dressed in white, wearing shades and grinning as she marches through the cloud of glitter.

Lindsay is currently appearing in court because she has been accused of lying to police about a car crash that occurred on June 18, 2012, involving her Porsche. She told police that she had not been driving the car, though this is disputed. She faces a misdemeanour charge of reckless driving, providing false information and wilfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer. The 26 year-old actress has frequently been in trouble with the police and has been on probation since 2007 for a variety of drunk-driving and shoplifting charges. She is currently being represented by Mark Heller, whose professional adequacy has been called into question by the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Dabney. Dabney has questioned whether or not Heller is competent enough to represent Lohan in Los Angeles, as he appears to have limited knowledge of the Californian criminal procedure and attempted to file a ‘bill of particulars;’ a motion not used in Californian law.

Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, has prepared for another legal team to be on standby for his daughter. Though they have a fractured relationship, Michael was present in court and he told the press “I'm Lindsay's father, and I'm not at all comfortable with the poor representation she is getting right now. My daughter's freedom and future are at stake, and I'm doing what any father would do in this dire situation." 

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan: actress was covered in glitter as she arrived at court