Everyone’s favourite not-sure-what-they’re-famous-for, off-the-rails celebrity Lindsay Lohan is finally getting the help she needs. After bailing on a Newport Beach rehabilitation facility, she’s checked in to the Betty Ford Center.

She’ll spend 90 days there as a result of her reckless driving conviction, but in truth, the only reason she’s really there is because she was facing jail time if she didn’t, as it would have been a violation of her probation. She showed up at the Newport Beach Rehab facility but left pretty soon after, leaving prosecutors unawares to her location. Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Atty. Terry White saidthat he had given "tentative approval" for Lindsay – who rehired her former attorney Shawn Holley - to serve her court-mandated rehab at a facility other than the one in Newport Beach. White said Holley contacted him late Thursday with a new plan. "I have given tentative approval, but a more intensive investigation will be undertaken to make sure it complies with all the probation condition requirements," he said.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan with a quirky grin

Lohan knows the corridors at The Betty Ford Center well, having spent time there back in 2010 following a similar charge. Back then she was accused of battery by an employee, but prosecutors declined to charge the actress. Lohan was sentenced to three months at a lockdown rehab facility and also received 18 months of psychotherapy to avoid a return to jail. This was after the 26-year-old's sports car crashed into a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway last summer.