As night follows day, so Lindsay Lohan is back in court. The long-running saga over a traffic incident in New York last summer has returned in front of the judges, with the main aim for the actress’s lawyers just to keep her out of jail at this point. It’s not looking good for Lohan; as you probably know by now, Lohan is up for one misdemeanor of reckless driving, providing false information to an officer and willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer. The incident it surrounds saw Lohan allegedly hit a truck with a Porsche,  but then claim that she wasn’t the person driving. With it happening while the star was on probation for another charge, it spelt the end of her probation and subsequently the end of her last warning – so you’d think.

The Los Angeles Times though is reporting that Lohan will avoid trial on those charges if she agrees to undertake 90 days of rehabilitation in a lockdown facility. Though her lawyers have offered pleas all week – with one suggesting she go into schools and places of work to provide motivational speaking talks, um… - it’s believed that the Los Angeles City attorneys won’t accept anything less than then rehab deal on the table.

Lindsay Lohan

Jail time for Lindsay Lohan?

Lohan doesn’t have to be in court today, though she might want to keep a close eye on this. If the charges do proceed to go to trial, she could be facing anything from three months to a year.