The increasingly publicity shy Lindsay Lohan cancels what would be her first TV interview in years on Barbra Walter's 20/20 talk-show.

The actress has pulled out of the scheduled appearance on Walters' show, after her management deemed that it was not right for the actress to appear on such a candid show given her recent personal dramas. Walter was reportedly set to ask Lohan some incredibly probing questions into her personal life, which has been a constant source of media attention, especially over the past few months.

Although it was also believed that Lohan would appear to talk about her new TV movie Liz & Dick, about the turbulent relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, recent allegations concerning her personal life would be too hard to bypass and Lohan's PR didn't want the interview to harm her image any further. Lohan has recently been accused of lying to police about a car accident in June and been embroiling in a number of public spats with her parents.

However, the Mean Girls star is close to Walters and considers her to be a close friend and is said to upset about having to cancel the scheduled appearance, especially since it is so close to the proposed date of the interview. That said, Lohan has promised Walters that the pair will reschedule in the near future.