Linday Lohan is back in court again.

We’ve written this so many times now that we pretty much have a template of a Lohan story that we can just alter and change to match whatever it is she’s being hauled in for. CNN points out that this is the 20th time that Lohan has been in court in the past six years and, boy, does it feel like that for everyone. The wayward actress is returning to court in Los Angeles for a misdemeanor case over allegations that she lied to police about a traffic incident in New York.

The Boston Herald reports that the actress allegedly lied to police about driving when her Porsche hit a dump truck last June, whilst she’s also up for reckless driving and obstructing the police from performing their duties. As we all no doubt remember, a judge revoked Lohan’s probation that she was already on over a 2011 necklace theft, though the actress has yet to enter a plea. If found guilty of breaking it though she could face 245 days in prison. The hearing takes places today and it’s unlikely she’ll be in court for it.

To top it all off, her role as Liz Taylor in the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick was an absolute stinker. The walls really do seem to be closing in for this troubled star.

Lindsay Lohan in London

Lindsay Lohan looking happier whilst out in London recently