Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina reportedly had a sensational blowout on the way back from a night out, according to TMZ. Lindsay's never to do things by half when it comes to creating a scene so it's no surprise that there were soon police in the area. It's believed that the trouble started when the duo left a New York nightclub at about 4am this morning and headed back to Dina's home in Long Island via limo.

The argument came about in the car when it became apparent that the two of them wanted to go to different places. With reports that Dina was apparently wasted, she insisted on going back home in the limo to avoid paying for a taxi; her daughter however wanted the car to take her back to the hotel she was staying at. Though it's quite unclear who instigated the physical contact, Lindsay ended up with a cut on her leg as well as a broken bracelet.

In developments, one witness claimed that Lindsay was being held against a wall by her mother, while further reports indicate that police took a domestic incident report but made no arrests. Those Lohans ey? It looked like Lindsay might be getting back to making the news for her career again, with anticipation building ahead of film 'The Canyon'.