Lindsay Lohan's one-time movie mum has urged film fans and the media to give the troubled actress one more chance - because she's a "brilliant talent".
Jamie Lee Curtis, who teamed up with Lohan in 2003 film Freaky Friday, insists she has nothing but love for the actress, who has spent much of this summer (10) behind bars in prison and at a court-sanctioned rehab after she was convicted of violating probation on a 2007 DUI arrest.
Now free, Lohan is keen to get her stalled career back on track - and Lee Curtis is among her Hollywood supporters.
She tells, "She is a brilliant talent and I am sure she will enjoy her talents more and more in her life. I send her my love.
"Everyone deserves a second chance and you can look back at your life and realise the mistakes you can make and repair them."