Lindsay Lohan has a long-lost half-sister currently living in Montana, it has emerged. For some reason, her father Michael Lohan thought it a good idea to reveal the DNA results on 'The Trisha Goddard Show' on Thursday (November 14, 2012).

Those results proved that Michael fathered a daughter while he was married to ex-wife Dina in the mid 1990's. "While I'm sorry it took so long, we finally got the answer, and I'm 100% happy with it," he told the New York Daily News, "We're all okay with it and will deal with it in the best way we can." The 52-year-old had previously denied paternity and refused to provide financial support, leading his ex-flame Kristi Horn Kaufmann to take her case to the media. Fair enough. Kaufman said her daughter Ashley, now 17, was born after a relationship between herself and Michael squeezed between the birth of his two youngest kids with Dina. They were married from 1985 to 2007. Since then, Lohan has risen to become one of the most recognizable actresses on the planet, though also one of the most troubled. She's been in trouble with the law innumerable times, most recently for stealing jewellery from a Venice Beach store.

Michael says she regrets not taking responsibility for Ashley sooner, "I apologized to her. I thought there were other men besides me (in her mom's life)," he said, adding, "We're having and will have a good relationship.I've spoken to her four times since (filming the segment) last week."