Charlie Sheen famously gave a very, very generous hand out to Lindsay Lohan who is drowning in debt at the moment, and now he's extended his generosity even further by giving her a guest starring role in his show Anger Management.

The pair worked together in the latest Scary Movie movie, which is yet to be released this spring, at which point they seem to have struck up a friendship. It seems that Lohan really made an impression on Sheen who, as well as giving her $100,000 and a role in his show, has made her Anger Management character a love interest for the character he plays, also called Charlie. Lohan will play herself and a patient of Charlie's  therapist character, the Associated Press reports.

In other Lohan related news, according to Perez Hilton, her assistant has been 'SLAPPED' with a subpoena in relation to the star's case about lying to the cops. Gavin Doyle will be forced to give evidence about the incident. Plus, as TMZ reports her new lawyer, Mark Heller, has filed for dismissal of that particular case, arguing that she wasn't read her rights. For some reason we don't think that'll save her...

Both Lohan's Anger Management character and Scary Movie 5 will air in April this year.