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The Canyons Review

Very Good

Movies that allow us to wallow in a trashy story for a couple of hours can often become a guilty pleasure, and this lurid concoction blends the skills of Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) and Paul Schrader (American Gigolo) for an entertaining story of sexual depravity with Hitchcockian overtones. It's a bit clumsy and corny, but the characters and situations hold our interest simply because we have no idea where it's heading.

In the canyons around Malibu, independently wealthy Christian (Deen) has decided to produce a low-budget slasher movie starring the sexy actor Ryan (Funk), boyfriend of Christian's assistant Gina (Brooks). Christian's girlfriend Tara (Lohan) is trying to stay out of all of this, but Christian keeps telling everyone about their wild sex life with random third and fourth partners. Their one rule is that they won't lie to each other, but both are keeping secrets: Tara has started seeing Ryan, who's actually her ex, while Christian is sleeping with his yoga teacher (Houston). And when these secrets emerge, trouble follows.

Christian is the usual Ellis protagonist, a guy with no real moral centre: his whole life seems lifted from the movies, and Deen plays him as a preening peacock, arrogantly sure he is in control of everything. He's a charismatic villain, and Deen commands the screen. But Lohan gives just as good as the more emotional Tara, who is a bundle of naivete and duplicity, driven by insecurity and just as power-mad as Christian, really. Opposite them, Funk and Brooks are playing the innocents caught in their depraved web, so they're the ones we can identify with.

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Oprah Winfrey Mentoring Lindsay Lohan, Who Is "Doing Everything Oprah Tells Her"

Lindsay Lohan Oprah Winfrey Chaka Khan

Oprah Winfrey has decided to mentor Lindsay Lohan through her transitional post-rehab period. The talk show host has already convinced the 27-year-old actress to cancel her trip to Europe. On Tuesday's (6 August) Good Morning America, Winfrey shared the reasoning behind her advice, she said "I just came from Europe, and Europe is the place to go when you want to feel really good and relax."

Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey at the New York premiere of The Butler.

The television queen then went on to name drop the exclusive Italian island of Capri, saying "it's hard to go to Capri and not have a Bellini."

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Lindsay Lohan Cancels European Vacation Following Oprah Winfrey's Advice And Rehab Series Deal

Lindsay Lohan Oprah Winfrey

Lindsay Lohan has taken advice from Oprah Winfrey following her interview with the talk-show host. Lohan had planned a three week vacation to Europe, her flight from New York was due to take off tonight, as a reward for her successful 90-day rehab stay.

Lindsay Lohan
Oprah Winfrey at the O the Oprah Magazine hosts a special advance screening of Lee Daniels The Butler at The Hearst Tower Joseph Urban Theater in New York.

However, Winfrey has convinced the 27-year-old actress to stay in the US in case she relapses, according to sources speaking to TMZ. Winfrey contacted Lohan, via telephone, on numerous occasions over the last 24 hours. The 59-year-old talk show host convince Lohan by arguing, instead of heading odd on a hedonistic holiday, she needs to focus on maintaining her sobriety. 

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Lindsay Lohan Makes Sobriety Promise: Says She'll Never Touch The Bottle Again

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has made a vow of sobriety following her court-order stay in a rehabilitation facility, claiming that she never wants to see a drop of alcohol ever again. As reported by TMZ, Lindsay is so determined to make sure her attempts at full-time sobriety go as planned, that she plans on having all traces of alcohol removed from anywhere she intends on visiting, be it a hotel, film set or even a friend or family member's home.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay has taken a vow of sobriety, but how long will it last?

Lindsay has had a long and well-documented relationship with booze, and you can forgive us for thinking 'we'll believe this when we see it,' but so far it looks as though the 27-year-old is sticking to her alcohol-free plan. The actress reportedly checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel last week and had the staff remove all traced of alcohol from her room before she arrived. Similarly, her recent co-hosting job on Chelsea Lately... was a booze-free occasion, with the actress asking that her dressing room only be filled with non-alcoholic beverages. So far so good then.

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Lindsay Lohan, Appearing On 'Chelsea Lately', Mocks Kristen Stewart's Paparazzo Outburst

Lindsay Lohan Rupert Sanders Kristen Stewart

Lindsay Lohan, whilst filming Chelsea Lately, was back to fighting form - quite literally. The 27-year-old actress may have just left rehab but she's not holding back when it comes to Kristen Stewart

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan at the premiere of Scary Movie 5, held at the ArcLight Cinema in L.A.

Last week, Stewart was caught on camera swearing at a TMZ photographer in L.A. Lohan, whilst guest hosting the talk show, felt the need to comment indirectly on Stewart's limited acting range: "I'm just excited that Kristen Stewart, you know, finally showed some emotion." Then on the Twilight stars personal life, which included a relationship with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, on which Lohan said: "I will say this, of course she hates photographers, they got a picture of her kissing a married man in a Mini Cooper."

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A Week In Movies: Red Carpets For 2 Guns And Lovelace, New Glimpses Of Walter Mitty, The Millers And Bad Grandpa

Denzel Washington Mark Wahlberg Amanda Seyfried Sharon Stone Sandra Bullock Melissa McCarthy Ryan Gosling Lindsay Lohan Ben Stiller Johnny Knoxville

2 Guns

The stars turned out this week for the world premiere of 2 Guns, the new action movie that teams up Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. Both actors were on the red carpet in New York along with the film's Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur and costars including James Marsden and Bill Paxton. Musicians Robin Thicke and 50 Cent also turned up to see the film, which will have its international premiere in London next week.

Video - Mark Wahlberg And Denzel Washington Spotted At 2 Guns World Premiere

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Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Facility Recommends Court Ordered Therapy

Lindsay Lohan

The rehab facility Lindsay Lohan left on Tuesday 30th, has warned an L.A. judge the actress is in danger of relapsing into substance abuse should she not receive continued court-ordered therapy. The judge has agreed Lohan should continue in therapy until November 2014.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan at the premiere of Scary Movie 5 in L.A.

Lohan left the Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center looking happy and well on Tuesday after completing a 90 day programme. However, the actress is not out of danger yet. The founder of the rehab centre, Richard Taite, warned Judge Dahney that Lohan is still in need of constant and continuing support. He has suggested the 27-year-old actress needs 50 minute sessions working with councillors, three times a week.

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Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab After 90-Day Attempt To Get Sober

Lindsay Lohan

Will it be different this time? Lindsay Lohan has left rehab after a 90-day stay at the Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center in California. The Mean Girls actress is the first to admit that she's not ready to enter society again just yet with a plan to give herself the best chance of recovery. TMZ has learned that the star plans to stagger her entry back into society by spending a few days living in a "lower level, sober living house."

Lindsay Lohan
For Real This Time? Scepticism Surrounds Lindsay's Latest Rehab Vow Of Sobriety.

Apparently, trusted sources connected with Ms. Lohan have indicated that despite countless previous failed and insincere stints in rehab, she may have turned over a new leaf: "It's like invasion of the body snatchers. She's a different person."

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Why Lindsay Lohan's 'The Canyons' Is A Complete Success

Lindsay Lohan Paul Schrader Bret Easton Ellis

No, it's not the fact that The Canyons received one good review this week.

We felt good that Lindsay Lohan got some props from Variety, though Paul Schrader's movie can be dubbed a complete success for other, less exciting reasons.

In January, the New York Magazine's Stephen Rodrick wrote a long, detailed article on The Canyons with a hugely cynical tone.

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New Trailer For 'The Canyons' Shows Lindsay Lohan's Attempt At Social Commentary

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming movie (it’s been a long time since those words were last put together) is fast approaching its August 2nd release date and the movie gods have finally graced us with a trailer to mark the occasion. The trailer for 'The Canyons' opens with a gloomy voiceover of Lohan’s character, Tara, waxing on about the movie going experience, over footage of abandoned theatres, only to transition into a dreamlike sequence of Tara’s party girl lifestyle.

Lindsay Lohan, Scary Movie 5 Premiere
Does this signify the return of Lindsay Lohan?

If the neon montage of Lohan and co-star James Deen is anything to go by, the film looks set to follow in the footsteps of previous hits "Spring Breakers" and "The Bling Ring" – in that it uses fast editing and shock inducing music to put a pretty package over its attempts at scathing social commentary. How much of that will work for "The Canyons" remains to be seen.

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Former Child Star Mara Wilson Gives An Insiders Perspective Of Why Child Stars 'Go Crazy'

Mara Wilson Amanda Bynes Lindsay Lohan Macaulay Culkin

You may recognise Mara Wilson from somewhere if you saw a picture of her today, not from anywhere recent but from your childhood, as though she is a long-lost friend you lost touch with in high school. That's because Mara Wilson was one of the most famous faces of the 90's and the star of numerous blockbusters such as Mrs Doubtfire, Matilda and the Miracle on 34th Street remake that made her a household name.

Mara isn't like most other child stars though, the Macaulay Culkins, Lindsay Lohans and the Amanda Bynes that have seen their lives spiral out of control just as their careers have dwindled to nothing, however the former child star has given some insight into why such well-known and loved celebrities spiral out of control after a childhood in front of the cameras. Mara, who quit acting in 2000, wrote a humorous yet informative article for entitled '7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy,' giving an insiders perspective on why so many child stars descend into madness.

Her first point was that 'Their Parents Won't Help Them ...' a point that included numerous nods to the help her own parents gave her in her young career. Mara herself had to 'force' her parents into letting her act and were fully supportive of her when she decided to give it up. Many child stars however do not have this close-knit relationship with their parents, and in turn they grow to resent their parents for taking away their childhood, their earnings and for pushing them until the acting bug has warn off. Sound familiar?

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Lindsay Lohan 5 Pound Weight Gain Is Due To Adderall Withdrawal At Betty Ford

Lindsay Lohan

Betty Ford has been a tough time for many celebrities in the past, so Lindsay Lohan’s 5 pounds weight gain probably isn’t all that important, comparatively. Nevertheless, the Mean Girls star seems to really be struggling with her rehab regimen, especially since her doctors took away her Adderall. According to, who broke the story while LiLo claims to have only taken the drug to relieve her ADHD, Addies are notorious in Hollywood circles for their metabolism-boosting, appetite-lowering side effects.

“She has been exercising, but she just doesn’t have a lot of energy because she is no longer taking Adderall, which is a psychostimulant medication that contains amphetamine,” a source at Betty Ford said, via The Inquisitr. Meanwhile, Lohan herself claims that she never used the drug for its more shady properties: “I have severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I can’t stand still,” Lohan said. “So I take Adderall (a prescription drug) for that, it calms me. I know people who take it to stay up, or girls who take it to supposedly stay slim because it kills your appetite. But I eat all the time. I just take it to stay calm. It works well for me.”

The Betty Ford team obviously doesn’t seem to believe her account though. In fact, it is the rehab center’s policy to not allow patients over 18 to take the drug. Aside from that minor struggle though, Lohan’s time in rehab seems to be paying off. After a week at the center, things are definitely looking up. Of course, she still has 80 days of court-mandated rehab left, so anything can happen.

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Lindsay Lohan 'Determined' To Leave The Betty Ford Center

Lindsay Lohan Robert Downey Jr Johnny Cash

Lindsay Lohan is apparently "determined" to leave The Betty Ford Center though prosecutors are having absolutely none of it. According to, doctors at the famous rehabilitation center have cut Lindsay off her precious Adderall, which she always considered a deal breaker.

Sources connected to the situation say Lindsay is going "crazy" and is desperate to move to another facility that will cater for her needs. The Hollywood star has taken matters into her own hands and have researched other facilities, finding one on the west coast which she believes is the perfect venue to spend her 90 days. It is believed that Lohan believes the Betty Ford Center - home to previous patients including Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Cash - is "old school" and not sensitive to the contemporary problems of young people.

Law enforcement sources say prosecutors are "unbending" and will not approve any move. One source said, "She had 45 days to find a suitable place.  She didn't listen to her people and just did what she wanted so it's her problem now. Not gonna happen."

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Is Lindsay Lohan Really Planning Her Escape From Rehab Already?

Lindsay Lohan

It doesn’t take long for Lindsay Lohan to get bored of a place. Ironically, she wants out of her rehab facility, The Betty Ford Centre, early doors because they’ve taken away her ADHD medicine, Adderall.

This was supposed to be a three month sting in rehab, but according to The Mean Girls star, this isn’t going to last. “I don’t think I need to be on lockdown for three months,” she told Piers Morgan in an interview published in London’s Mail on Sunday newspaper. “I’ve been court-ordered to do it six times. I could write the book on rehab. Constantly sending me to rehab is pointless. The first few times I was court-ordered to rehab it was like a joke, like killing time.” Lindsay’s done a lot of things in her time; things that have landed her in a fair amount of trouble, but she maintains she has no regrets. “I live without regrets,” she insisted. “There are certain things I have done, mistakes that I made, that I would change, but I don’t regret them at all, because I’ve learned from them.”

Lohan also opened up on her sexuality following a lengthy lesbian relationship with Samantha Ronson. “I like being in a relationship with a guy,” she said. “But there’s something just different about it with a woman."

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Lindsay Lohan Wishing Her Rehab Time At Betty Ford Away

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been in rehab for long (this time anyway), but she’s already plotting her way out because the drug treatment center have taken away her supply of Adderall. Doctors decided she doesn’t need the pills, which she takes to battle her ADHD.

Thing is, it’s pretty addictive, and they don’t tend to give it to people over the age of 15. Lindsay may not act like it, but she’s nearly double that age. “I don’t think I need to be on lockdown for three months,” she told Piers Morgan in an interview published in London’s Mail on Sunday newspaper. “I’ve been court-ordered to do it six times. I could write the book on rehab. Constantly sending me to rehab is pointless. The first few times I was court-ordered to rehab it was like a joke, like killing time.” Doctors believe Hollowood stars use Adderall as a weight control drug, too; so there’s even more reason to keep it away from a world-famous actress with addiction problems. “I live without regrets,” Lindsay insisted. “There are certain things I have done, mistakes that I made, that I would change, but I don’t regret them at all, because I’ve learned from them.”

It doesn’t seem likely that Lohan will be allowed to move though; it would require the judges and prosecutors to ignore completely what their doctors say and let the Mean Girls star have her way with the justice system. Hang on a minute…

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A Week Into Rehab, Lindsay Lohan Wants To Flee Betty Ford

Lindsay Lohan

Plot twist in Lindsay Lohan’s much discussed stay in rehab – she wants out. After her first week at the Betty Ford center, reports had been coming in that Lindsay was doing great and keeping on the straight and narrow… until the doctors tried to take away her Adderall that is. According to TMZ, the star now wants to transfer to another rehab center – one, which would allow her to take the ADHD medication.

Doctors at Betty Ford have evaluated Lohan and concluded that she does not need the pills, despite her claims that she suffers from attention deficit disorder. And in any case, the rehab center for the stars does not normally allow patients over 15 to take Adderall, claiming that there are alternatives to the drug with fewer side effects. Those side effects being weight loss, which is exactly why some Hollywood natives turn to the drug in the first place. And let’s not forget that Addy pills are also highly addictive – it’s not difficult to see why they’re not welcome at the rehab facility and in fact, it’s questionable whether any clinic would turn a blind eye to Lindsay taking them. None the less, the actress has been telling friends that she cannot stay at Betty Ford and wants to be moved to another facility that is not hard-nosed about Adderall. T

hat definitely wouldn’t sit too well with Judge Jim Dabney and prosecutors, considering that Betty Ford is the second rehab center Lohan is trying after she fled the first without even checking in. Well, no one ever said rehab was easy.

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The Betty Ford Center Wants To Call In Lindsay Lohan's Parents

Lindsay Lohan

After a long history with substance abuse and reckless behavior, Lindsay Lohan’s latest stint in rehab might be a turnaround for her. The troubled starlet entered the infamous Betty Ford center five days ago and treatment seems to be going well, according to sources at the clinic. At this point, her parents, who have been divorced since 2007, might be summoned for a family therapy session, reports. A source revealed for the website that: “Lindsay’s counselors want to get Dina and Michael to Betty Ford for a series of sessions in the next few weeks. They feel like having her work through her family issues could help Lindsay’s recovery.”

“Families are encouraged to participate in group therapy,” the insider added.

Meanwhile, Dina Lohan hasn’t reacted well to the idea, saying, "Where did you hear that from? News to me!”

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Latest Stint In Rehab For Lindsay Lohan Starts Out On The Wrong Foot

Lindsay Lohan

After refusing to check into a Newport rehabilitation facility as part of her conviction for reckless driving, Lindsay Lohan has entered a 90-day court mandated stay at the Betty Ford Center. The star has had multiple stints in rehab thus far as well as multiple relapses, so her skipping out on rehab didn’t come as much of a surprise. This time, LiLo entered Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, but then left within the hour, the LA Times reports.

This, of course, presented a bit of a challenge for her legal team, who had to arrange some other terms for Lohan to serve out her probation. She recently rehired her former attorney Shawn Holley, who represented her for several years, and the lawyer arranged for the "Mean Girls" star to enter the Rancho Mirage facility. The Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Atty. Terry White said Friday that he had given "tentative approval" to the actress to serve her court-mandated rehab at a different facility from the one in Newport Beach. LiLo chose the infamous Betty Ford rehab center for her 90-day stay.

This is quite a good development for her, but the Scary Movie 5 actress is still on really thin ice. The judge she appeared before on Thursday mandated that any slipup on Lohan’s part at this point would result in six months behind bars for the actress. Instead, her 90 days in rehab will be followed up with a month of community service and three months in phsychotherapy. Maybe that might finally move the troubled actress out of her rut.

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Can 'The Bling Ring' Compete For Movie Gold During Awards Season?

Sofia Coppola Francis Ford Coppola Emma Watson Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan Rachel Bilson

The alarm bells started ringing when Sofia Coppola, the director of Lost in Translation and Somewhere, announced she would be adapting the story of a group of internet savvy Los Angeles burglars for the big-screen. Just as David Fincher's Facebook tale The Social Network vied for the top awards at the Oscars and Golden Globes, the idea of Coppola's The Bling Ring seemed likely to chime with the social media generation, and a new wave of younger Academy voters. 

Unsurprisingly, the Cannes Film Festival welcomed Coppola and her new movie with open arms for this year's event, where it will make its worldwide premiere. That said, should The Bling Ring pull in nominations for this year's awards season, it would represent a very different type of awards' success story. Firstly, its lead actress Emma Watson is hardly an awards' magnet, having really only starred in the Harry Potter franchise and a couple of lightweight dramas. Secondly, it features appearances from the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in its examination of America's obsession with celebrity culture and the A-list mecca that is Los Angeles. Though we could imagine it scoring nods for the Globes, it would be a massive feat should The Bling Ring compete at the Oscars. However, it does have one thing in its favour: the director.

Emma WatsonParis Hilton
Emma Watson [L] and Paris Hilton [R] Both Appear In Sofia Coppola's 'The Bling Ring'

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Stevie Nicks Extinguishes Reese Witherspoon's Chances Of Playing Her

Reese Witherspoon Fleetwood Mac Lindsay Lohan

Stevie Nicks appears to have shot down any chance Reese Witherspoon had of playing her in a movie biopic, branding the Oscar winner "too old" to play her. Witherspoon has mentioned as a possible casting choice for a planned movie about Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, but the legendary singer says her days after numbered. "I've already told her she's almost too old," the singer told ET Canada at the Toronto premiere of her new documentary In Your Dreams.

It appears Witherspoon might be of the same opinion, "I love her, but she's like, 'I could play your mother," Nicks recalls. Though the Hollywood actress is just 37, a movie about the Fleetwood Mac singer is likely to focus on her younger years and rise to stardom, which probably would make it a little difficult for Witherspoon to tale the role. Anyway, she's got other things on her plate.

She was snapped on the set of her new movie 'The Good Lie' in Atlanta this week, wearing cowboy boots, a jean skirt and a teal top. The movie is based on the real life story of a young refugee of the Sudanese Civil War who wins a lottery for relocation to the U.S with three other boys. He develops an unlikely friendship  with a brash American woman assigned to help him, though struggles to adjust to the modern world and feels guilty about the brother he left behind in war-torn Sudan. 

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Baseball Biopic '42' Smashes 'Scary Movie 5' At The Box Office

Harrison Ford Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan

In the end, it wasn't even close was it? Baseball biopic '42' surged to the top of the box-office this weekend, earning $27.3 million to comfortably see off the star-studded 'Scary Movie 5.' The movie, starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford, tells the story of the first black major league baseball player, Jackie Robinson.

Many industry analysts had '42' and 'Scary Movie 5' neck-and-neck going into the weekend's box-office, though the latter had to settle for $15.2 million despite its cast including Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. Elsewhere, animated movie The Croods took third place for a second week, while horror remake Evil Dead faded to fifth place despite topping the pile last week. Tom Cruise's new big-budget movie Oblivion earned $61.1 million internationally following its launch in 52 countries and should perform strongly once it opens in the U.S on Friday (April 12, 2013). 

However, the success of '42' may continue this weekend as Major League players mark the 66th anniversary of Robinson's professional debut by wearing his famous shirt number on Monday. "Think of what a tribute that is for what he accomplished. Every player wearing 42 on his back," said Dan Fellman, head of distribution for Warner Bros. "It's a story that has so much emotion to it. Jackie Robinson's life had such an influence on our country," he added.

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Lindsay Lohan Recovery

Lindsay Lohan David Letterman

Lindsay Lohan is on her way to a comeback, if her most recent appearance on Letterman is anything to go by.

In her chat with the talk show host, Lohan’s personality and wit shone through for the first time in a while and everyone took notice. Even celebrity gossip site Gawker had a few positive things to say for once: "Humanity shines through … Lindsay was witty and borderline charming for much of her chat with Dave. There may be hope for her yet," the article states.

Lindsay has also been working more than usual recently, having appeared along her friend, Charlie Sheen in both a cameo in Scary Movie 5 (where she poked fun at her own ridiculous situation) and Sheen’s TV series, Anger Management. However, with reports of Lohan’s questionable behavior during shooting and with her previous history of substance abuse, everyone is weary of calling it a comeback just yet. Noah Levi, senior editor at In Touch Weekly magazine, made this cautious comment on Lindsay’s pending recovery: "She seemed to be slightly apologetic, slightly aware. But I don't think she is fully there yet.”

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Does Scary Movie 5 Make It Into Lindsay Lohan's Top 5 Worst Films?

Lindsay Lohan

In the wake of Scary Movie 5's release, we've trawled through the troubled actress's movie credits to establish whether the latest instalment in the comedy franchise makes it into her Top 5 worst films of all time. The movie is the first not to feature Cindy Campbell, aka Anna Faris, who basically carried the previous films so we're not expecting great things for the fifth instalment. Though the heavyweight critics are yet to weigh in, Australia's The Age said, "This is the first Scary Movie in seven years, but the formula remains unchanged, with a thin storyline linking spoofs of Hollywood hits." For now, we're willing to give Scary Movie 5 the benefit of the doubt, but here's five other stinkers from the Lohan back catalogue.


Remember Labor Pains, from 2009? Well, you shouldn't, because nobody saw it. It focuses on Lindsay's character, an office assistant who fakes a pregnancy to get on the good side of her stringent boss. Billed as a romantic comedy and starring Cheryl Hines and Chris Parnell in the supporting cast, this throwaway movie was instantly forgettable and garnered some shocking reviews. After it failed t if Lindsay thought this movie was ever going to hit theater screens, Jason McKiernan of said "If Lindsay thought this movie was ever going to hit theater screens, the joke was on her."

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Lindsay Lohan Arrives Late To Scary Movie 5 Premiere, Steals The Show (Pictures)

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen Mike Tyson Ashley Tisdale

Lindsay Lohan arrived fashionably late to the premiere of Scary Movie 5 in Hollywood last night. We say fashionably late, what we actually mean is she arrived 30 minutes AFTER the red carpet was due to close and moments before the movie was about to start. Lohan - who is rehab bound - posed for a couple of solo photos before being joined by co-star Charlie Sheen. The actress wore a sleek knee-length dress, which worked well with tousled auburn hair. It's safe to say she was very much the star of the show and photographers jostled for position to get the perfect snap.

Lohan and Sheen exchanged greetings and took pictures together before Sheen left her to her press duties. However, there was little for the waiting journalists as Lohan was rushed into the screening with her publicist in tow, having no time to stop and greet her fans who had congregated outside the theatre holding up 'Team Lohan' signs. Who in their right mind would... forget it. Though Lohan was the main event, the likes of Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, Mike Tyson, Heather Locklear, Kate Walsh and Jerry O'Connell attended the premiere too. 

The actress flew into Los Angeles from New York very early on Thursday morning (April 11, 2013) and is scheduled to attend the Coachella music festival in Indio, California, this weekend. However, according to, the actress is telling friends she "doesn't care about all the snipers who are scoffing" at her rehabilitation and insists she will stay clean at the festival, which she, err, enjoyed last year. A judge in her criminal case has warned her to stay away from people who do drugs or alcohol, which could be problematic at Coachella, headlined this year by The Stone Roses, Blur, Phoenix and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Box Office Preview: Could Baseball Movie '42' Petrify 'Scary Movie 5'?

Harrison Ford Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan

Pre-release tracking figures suggest this weekend's race for the box-office top-spot, contested by a biopic of baseball legend Jackie Robinson and the big-budget Scary Movie 5 starring Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, could be closer than first assumed. In fact, surveys suggest both movies are on track to pull in somewhere in the region of $17.5 million each - though which will prevail?

Scary Movie is the latest instalment in the long-running franchise, that dates back to 2000. Though critical reception is almost always relatively poor, the films do generally good business and the heavyweight cast this time around - which also features Ashley Tisdale - will help it to solid takings. The previous movie, Scary Movie 4, opened to $40 million in April 2006, though The Weinstein Company's Dimension films isn't expecting those numbers this time. 

Meanwhile, baseball picture '42', starring Harrison Ford as the Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey, was made for around $40 million and has the benefit of word of mouth marketing. Warner Bros showed the movie to various baseball teams, including the Los Angeles Dodgers during spring training and there's already quite a buzz. The reviews are pretty good too, with Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times saying, "Robinson's story had so much drama in real life, and his sacrifice and pain made such a lasting influence, that "42" ends up being effective in its gee-whiz way almost in spite of itself." It opens in 3,002 locations throughout North America this weekend and the studio is anticipating takings of around $15 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Whether that's enough to steal away the No.1 spot from Scary Movie 5 remains to be seen. 

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Lindsay Lohan Chooses New York Rehab Facility For Three Month Stretch

Lindsay Lohan David Letterman

Lindsay Lohan has made arrangements to enter a rehabilitation facility in New York state in May, according to the Los Angeles Times. Lohan's legal team is understandably keen not to disclose the details of the facility, though it's likely that media outlets will be furiously scurrying around Gotham to find out where Lindsay will be holed up for the next three months.

The actress, 26, made an appearance on the David Letterman show on Tuesday (April 9, 2013) and although saying she hadn't spoken about rehab in the pre-interview, was peppered with questions about her three-month stint by the TV host. In fairness, she remained upbeat and made a few jokes. "I'm the happiest when I'm working, and the healthiest. And I think [rehab] is an opportunity for me to, you know, focus on what I love in life. And I don't think it's a bad thing," she said. "I think it's a blessing ... and not a curse," she explained. When asked if she had "addiction" problems, Lohan told Letterman he sounded like Dr Phil, much to the delight of the live studio audience. 

During her sentencing for lying to police, Lohan was ordered to enter a facility in which she could leave for any reason. Though the facility will not be locked as such, Lohan would violate her probation if she left at any time. Officials will be monitoring her progress at all times, though her attorney Mark Heller said, "I'm very confident that you won't be seeing Lindsay Lohan in any criminal courts any time in the future."

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Lindsay Lohan Pal Vikram Chatwal Arrested For Possession In Florida

Lindsay Lohan

New York hotelier Vikram Chatwal, who is incidentally a close friend of one Lindsay Lohan, has been charged with drug possession after trying to board a plane with a number of illegal substances.

Chatwal allegedly had cocaine, marijuana, heroin and pills on him, when he tried to go through security at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport last Tuesday. Airport security found the drugs stashed in his bag. Almost makes you wonder whether he wasn’t actually trying to get caught.

He was booked on one count of trafficking six grams of heroin and seven counts of drug possession, including: cocaine, pot, ketamine, muscle relaxants, Xanax, sedatives and the opioid buprenorphine. Does anyone even know what that last one means? The 41-year-old entrepreneur confessed to the authorities that he illegally bought the drugs.

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Lindsay Lohan Spills Out Of Dress After Arriving In Brazil For DJing Gig

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has a history of mishappenings occurring to her when getting out of vehicles in the past, and upon her arrival in the Brazilian island of Florianopolis the actress managed to escape with a near miss after nearly falling out of her dress. The troubled star has been in Brazil since Thursday (March 28), for the opening of John John Denim's flagship store in Sao Paulo and since then it is believed that the actress has been partying almost nonstop since then.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan, seen here in court, has more than potential wardrobe malfunctions to worry about at the moment

Lindsay was getting out of the helicopter that flew her and some friends over to the island, but her hair managed to artfully cover up her would-be exposed breast. Really, almost having her breast exposed is the least of Lindsay's problems at the moment, after all, it's nothing we haven't seen before. The real problem for the Scary Movie 5 actress is the seemingly endless exploitation of Brazil's notorious nightlife, which given her history may result in her landing in trouble a little worse that a nip slip.

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Lindsay Lohan Makes Plea Deal With Court In Most Recent Case: She'll Go To Rehab If She Can Keep Taking Adderall

Lindsay Lohan

Say what you like about Lindsay Lohan and her continually disintegrating personal life, the girl sure knows how to full column inches week after week. In her most recent court case, in which she is accused of lying to police over a automobile incident, the former child actress has made a plea with the courts that says she will adhere to her sentenced stint in rehab, but only if she gets to carry on taking Adderall.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan, seen here in court, seems to think her plea bargain will work

According to TMZ, who broke the story, LiLo claims that she has taken the drug on a daily basis for years and she insists that she needs to use it regularly to function properly. Adderall is often prescribed to people suffering from attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, although it is often misused by people for a recreational purpose. When Lindsay was jailed back in 2010, she managed to have her doctor prescribe her the drug whilst she was behind bars, even though her ADHD diagnosis was called into serious question by some. Despite Lindsay's claims that she is reliant on Adderall to manage her supposed disorder, a number of people close to the star have claimed that the drug is mostly responsible for her massive downfall.

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Lohan And Sheen Scene Causes A Stir: Lindsay Lohan And Charlie Sheen In Bed Again For Anger Management!

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

They might seem like an unlikely couple but the Lohan and Sheen scene in Scary Movie 5, which saw the two Hollywood stars in bed together has been reprised. Lindsay and Charlie clearly thought that filming one bed scene together just wasn’t enough for them and decided to do it again; this time for Charlie’s popular FX comedy Anger Management.

Lindsay is currently awaiting news on where she is supposed to serve her 3 month ‘rehab lockdown’ sentence, for lying to cops about a car crash. In the meantime, whilst her lawyer wrangles with court officials over whether or not the concept of a locked rehab facility is something that actually exists, in real life, Lohan had some free time on her hands and made an appearance in the comedy series. After Sheen suffered a series of very public dramas and embarrassments, it was Anger Management that managed to get his public image back on track. Perhaps he’s hoping an appearance on the show will do the same for young Lindsay?

According to E News, Lindsay Lohan plays herself, but in the show, she’s a patient of Sheen’s therapist, who falls in love with him. The storyline apparently draws on her troubles with the police and pokes fun at her fondness for partying. The episode is scheduled to air in April. 

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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Invented 'Lockdown Rehab Facility'?

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan may not be able to complete her 90-days at a lockdown rehabilitation facility...because such a place doesn't even exist! Lohan's lawyer Mark Heller told prosecutors he could get his client into a 90-day lockdown rehab center in New York City, though according to, there are zero non-jail rehab facilities that will keep patients locked down anywhere in America.

There is one facility in New York connected with the prison system, though you have to have a felony record to get in, which Lindsay doesn't have. The entertainment website also checked to see if Lohan could complete her 90-day lockdown rehab in California, but there isn't a facility in that state either. Rehabilitation guru and television personality Dr Drew said, "There is no rehab that will hold you against your will, unless they feel the person is a suicide risk, and in that case they can hold the individual for 72 hours."

Obviously, this presents a big problem for Lindsay, given her actual sentence of 90 days in jail was waivered in favour of the lockdown rehab. Sources say the prosecutors genuinely believed such a facility existed when they offered the plea deal. Regular rehabilitation centers apparently don't cut it for Lohan, who snuck out of the Cirque Lodge in Utah and allegedly pulled the same stunt at the Betty Ford clinic in California.

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Bobby Brown Free To Go After Nine Hours In Jail

Bobby Brown Lindsay Lohan

Get busted for a DUI, get sentenced to 55 days in jail, serve nine hours – sounds like a good deal right?

Bobby Brown probably thinks so. After the performer got sentenced for his second DUI in seven months, he was supposed to serve just 55 days in the slammer – a definite downgrade from the 120 the state of California usually requires for a repeated offence. But that still wasn’t brief enough – the 80s R&B artist got released a mere 9 hours after entering the LA County Jail, to the minute. But officials claim that it wasn’t due to any preferential treatment for Bobby Brown, simply overcrowded jails and lack of space. That sounds believable enough, considering the state of the American justice system.

Rather disappointlingly, Brown’s one day of jail time wasn’t even brief enough to win him the record, which still stays with Lindsay Lohan. In 2011 the troubled star managed to serve her 30-day sentence in just five hours. Talk about time management. Bobby Brown probably makes the top five though.

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No Such Thing As Rehab Lockdown? Could Lindsay Lohan Still Go To Jail?

Lindsay Lohan

Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to spending a 90-day stretch in a rehab clinic in New York, for lying to cops about a car accident that happened last year. The judges stated that Lohan had to spend the 90-day term in a locked facility, i.e. she would be in custody for those three months. However, TMZ have done a lot of rooting around at rehab facilities in New York and haven’t been able to find a single one that actually has lockable facilities for its patients. Given Lindsay’s propensity for escaping from rehab facilities, it’s no wonder she didn’t look too bothered by the sentence.

In the past, Lohan has gotten herself into trouble for sneaking out of her rehab facilities. She “frequently” snuck out of Cirque Lodge in Utah, according to TMZ and she allegedly got into a fight with a staff member at the Betty Ford clinic after learning they were about to grass her up for sneaking out. The question remains, of course of what exactly will happen to Lindsay if there are no lockdown rehab centres in New York that will fulfil the requirements of her sentence.

Law enforcement sources have informed TMZ that prosecutors offered the plea on the basis of Mark Heller’s representation – that’s Lindsay’s lawyer. They’re now investigating his claims and one source said “The sentence was actually 90 days in custody, and lockdown rehab would satisfy that. If there's no such thing, then she'll go to jail for 90 days." 

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Glitterbombed: An Unusually Showbiz Courtroom Entrance For Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan may have been late for court but she certainly arrived in style, even if it wasn’t entirely her own doing. As the actress arrived at a Los Angeles court house today (March 18, 2013), she was doused in what appeared to be gold glitter, by an un-named individual. A picture published by the Los Angeles Times website shows Lohan, dressed in white, wearing shades and grinning as she marches through the cloud of glitter.

Lindsay is currently appearing in court because she has been accused of lying to police about a car crash that occurred on June 18, 2012, involving her Porsche. She told police that she had not been driving the car, though this is disputed. She faces a misdemeanour charge of reckless driving, providing false information and wilfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer. The 26 year-old actress has frequently been in trouble with the police and has been on probation since 2007 for a variety of drunk-driving and shoplifting charges. She is currently being represented by Mark Heller, whose professional adequacy has been called into question by the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Dabney. Dabney has questioned whether or not Heller is competent enough to represent Lohan in Los Angeles, as he appears to have limited knowledge of the Californian criminal procedure and attempted to file a ‘bill of particulars;’ a motion not used in Californian law.

Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, has prepared for another legal team to be on standby for his daughter. Though they have a fractured relationship, Michael was present in court and he told the press “I'm Lindsay's father, and I'm not at all comfortable with the poor representation she is getting right now. My daughter's freedom and future are at stake, and I'm doing what any father would do in this dire situation." 

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Justin Bieber's Angry Instagram Rant Is Justified, But Not The Attack On Lohan

Justin Bieber Lindsay Lohan

For some reason contemporary Western culture has a problem with anger. No one is allowed to show their negative feelings verbally. No one is allowed to express that they feel dissatisfied by their life or by the behaviour of others. Of course, violence, hate speech and murder are all steps beyond anger and are a part of something that runs in a deeper and more insipid framework of thought, but anger and expressing it verbally is not only healthy, but necessary. 

Justin Bieber's recent 'rant' on Instagram has been portrayed in an enormously exaggerated way by the media and neither he nor it deserves quite such bad press. However, as he tried to remind us all in that post, he is human, he is entitled to his opinion and he is entitled to mistakes.

And he did make a mistake in the post - including Lindsay Lohan and criticising her was below the belt. But he retracted it and has apologised since. He told TMZ: "My post was only up for a few minutes but I realized right away that what I said at the end was wrong and distracted from what I was trying to say. I immediately deleted it and rewrote it so it would show what I was really feeling and those words are up now."

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Lindsay Lohan's Legal Team Is Still Hoping For A Plea Bargain

Lindsay Lohan

Good ol’ Lindsay – she just isn’t slowing down!

Or maybe it’s just her past catching up with her, as it appears that she will be on trial for misdemeanors from way back when – June 2012 to be exact.

Lindsay has reportedly been offered multiple plea bargains, but she and her legal team are not willing to accept anything less than a “not guilty” verdict, according to The Los Angeles Times. The case currently under discussion is her lying to cops incident. Her attorney Mark Heller has been in talks and has reportedly been offered multiple deals, featuring rehab and/or house arrest for the troubled actress, in place of actual jail time. However, the prosecution is firm in demanding at least 90 days of rehab for Lohan, and Heller is trying to secure her less than that.

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'Shut Up Charlie Sheen': Lindsay Lohan Angry At Actor's Mentoring Offer

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

Well how about this for gratitude? Lindsay Lohan is reportedly angry at Charlie Sheen – that’s right, the Charlie Sheen who recently gave her $100k to help her pay off her back taxes, who supported her for Scary Movie 5 and who has been publicly defending the wayward star. We’ll bet he wish he hadn’t bothered.

Apparently Lohan is angry at Sheen’s suggestion that he could act as a mentor figure to the actress, who is currently in legal, financial, career and social turmoil. That’s a lot of turmoil. Sheen of course had his own well-documented break down a couple of years back, but has made a pretty excellent fist of getting his life back on track, and is currently starring in the sitcom Anger Management. You’d think he’d be exactly the man to give Lohan an instruction manual on how to get things going again after quite a big screw up (or several.) However, according to TMZ the star isn’t happy with Sheen’s suggestion, with insiders saying that she doesn’t believe the adage ‘it takes one to know one’ would be the way to go – in fact she just wishes he’d stop talking about her in public at all. Time to call that $100k back in we reckon, Charlie.

Lindsay LohanCharlie Sheen

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Heller Needs Help! Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Asked To Bring Legal Aid To Court

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

They've tried to make her go to rehab but she said no, no, no. Lindsay Lohan was offered rehab over jail recently in court, but Lohan turned the offer down, as the Sun Times reports. It seems she's taken Amy Winehouse's lyrics to heart. We truly hope she changes her mind though because continuing in Winehouse's footsteps can only lead to a tragic end, and no one wants to see Lohan join the 27 club. 

Her litigious history is getting messier and messier, not least because of the change of lawyer. Here's a very quick breakdown: a few years ago she was arrested and convicted of having stolen some jewellery. She went to prison briefly but was released quickly due to overcrowding. She has been on probation ever since. However, after a car crash last summer which the prosecution are claiming she lied to the police about, she's had her probation called into question and revoked. She's now set to be in court on March 18th for a trial. However, back in January she was also forced to change her lawyer and now has Mark Heller, a New York attorney, representing her... in California, despite not knowing or understanding the different court procedures. See, messy! 

To make matters worse the judge in the courtroom last week told Lindsay and Heller that they would need another legal representative to help Heller because, as TMZ say he's "incompetent to practice law in California and said Lindsay either has to get another lawyer who knows what he's doing or she has to come into court and waive her right to a competent California lawyer."

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Linsday Lohan – Judge Maintains Reckless Driving And Obstruction Charges

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s attempt to get reckless driving and obstruction case dismissed has failed. The presiding judge has dismissed that, and maintained that she still has to stand trial later this month in connection with a 2012 car crash.

Now Lohan will go to court on March 18th, and will be defending herself against charges of reckless driving, lying to authorities and obstructing the police in the aftermath of the accident. Lohan has pleaded not guilty to the charges, with her lawyer Mark Heller claiming Lindsay, “suffered a concussion, and never should have been questioned by the police. She was basically held against her will and forced to answer questions,” according to Radar Online. “For Mark Heller to claim that Lindsay had a concussion is an absolute and blatant lie. When she was questioned by cops at the emergency room, she wasn’t denied any medical attention because of them,” a law enforcement source told the website. “The doctors who treated Lindsay on the day of her car accident last summer didn’t diagnose her with a concussion. She suffered no injury to her head whatsoever” The validity of those quotes aren’t concrete, but the judges decision is certainly in line with them.

Lindsay Lohan at a Los Angeles court for her car crash case pretrial hearing Los Angeles California United States

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Lindsay Lohan Court Appearance Today As Star Tries To Beat Jail Time

Lindsay Lohan

As night follows day, so Lindsay Lohan is back in court. The long-running saga over a traffic incident in New York last summer has returned in front of the judges, with the main aim for the actress’s lawyers just to keep her out of jail at this point. It’s not looking good for Lohan; as you probably know by now, Lohan is up for one misdemeanor of reckless driving, providing false information to an officer and willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer. The incident it surrounds saw Lohan allegedly hit a truck with a Porsche,  but then claim that she wasn’t the person driving. With it happening while the star was on probation for another charge, it spelt the end of her probation and subsequently the end of her last warning – so you’d think.

The Los Angeles Times though is reporting that Lohan will avoid trial on those charges if she agrees to undertake 90 days of rehabilitation in a lockdown facility. Though her lawyers have offered pleas all week – with one suggesting she go into schools and places of work to provide motivational speaking talks, um… - it’s believed that the Los Angeles City attorneys won’t accept anything less than then rehab deal on the table.

Lindsay Lohan

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Car Crash Lies? An Indignant Lindsay Lohan Won't Accept Prosecutors' Plea Bargain

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, Mark Heller – who must have the patience of a saint – is still embroiled in the process of cutting a plea bargain to ensure that Lohan doesn’t have to go to trial for allegedly lying to cops about a car crash. Yesterday (February 27, 2013), Heller had a conference call meeting with Santa Monica and LA City prosecutors, who were insisting that Lindsay spend a significant spell in a rehabilitation institution. They were willing to reduce the length of time from 60 days to 30 days, but Heller and Lohan said ‘no deal’ to that offer.

According to a source close to Lohan, the trouble-magnet actress doesn’t see why she should have to serve time in a rehab facility because it feels as though she is being punished for something she hasn’t done, TMZ report. Of course, the flipside of her not accepting the plea bargain is that she will most likely be summoned to trial on March 18, 2013, if she doesn’t want to play ball with what the prosecutors are offering. Heller hasn’t given up though and negotiations are on-going. Just don’t be surprised if this one plays out in court.

This latest news comes amidst revelations that Lohan is facing further tax problems. On top of her existing tax problems. On top of her ailing career problems. And her ‘having to move back in with mom’ problems. Will this become yet another court case for Lindsay Lohan? 

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Lindsay Lohan To Take Up Motivational Speaking? Lawyer Clutches At Straws To Keep Actress Out Of Jail

Lindsay Lohan

If you could pick one actor to have as a motivational speaker, who would it be? Obviously Morgan Freeman speaks with the wise tones of a man who’s seen and done it all before, he commands respect. Then there are other dignified luminaries like Helen Mirren, or someone who possesses unbridled passion like Samuel L Jackson. In fact, we’d have Lindsay Lohan really quite far down the list of actors we’d want as a motivational speaker, probably behind the guy who played Jack in Dawson’s Creek and since faded into obscurity.

However, according to her lawyer, motivational speaking could be just what Lohan needs; well he would say that, as he’s using it as a bargaining tool to keep the troubled star out of jail. Sky News reports that Lohan’s lawyer Mark Heller has written to the courts offering a series of alternatives to Lohan going to jail, over an incident that saw her allegedly crash a car in New York and then lie that she wasn’t behind the wheel. This also violated her probation for a previous misdemeanor.

The letter suggested that she would make "periodic visits to schools, hospitals and other venues where she may provide inspirational talks, encouraging children to pursue positive goals and avoid bad habits". This was to be done as community service. The case returns to court on Friday (March 1, 2013), we’re not sure if they’re going to go for it to be honest.

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Charity Continues: Lindsay Lohan To Appear On Charlie Sheen's Anger Management

Lindsay Lohan Anger Management

Charlie Sheen must really really want to help out his new friend Lindsay Lohan as much as he can, with the often controversial actor throwing the equally controversial Lohan yet another bone by getting her a guest spot on his current sitcom Anger Management.

Lindsay Lohan scrums up well for a recent New York gala

Lindsay Lohan scrubed up well for a recent charity gala in New York

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Lindsay Lohan Ruins A Loaned Dress... By Chopping It Up With Scissors

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan ruined a borrowed designer dress worth over $1700 by chopping the bottom off. What was she thinking?!

Some of the first lessons parents teach their children are about politeness and respect for others. That means treating people and their things nicely. Lindsay Lohan did not get this memo. 

Lindsay Lohan wearing the dress before she ruined it

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This Is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things: Why Did Lindsay Lohan Wreck Her Borrowed Dress?

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

What EXACTLY happened to that glittering ball-gown that Lindsay Lohan borrowed to wear to an amFAR event earlier this month? According to US Weekly, it was cut in half by the time she returned it and sources say that she claims it had to be cut in half after it ripped during her evening out and says that she asked a bouncer to help her to cut the dress. In the pictures, it has been cut so that the formerly full-length dress is now longer at the back than it is at the front.

The source told Us Weekly “She said that the dress had ripped [at a club after the fundraiser] - she couldn't possibly wear it like that - so her stylist friend went to the club bouncer and requested some scissors to repair the torn part of the dress” and added “But what bouncer has scissors?” It certainly seems strange that Lohan would think that the best alternative to returning a damaged, borrowed dress would be a halved, borrowed dress. Reportedly, her pal Charlie Sheen helped her source the posh frock, hooking her up with celebrity stylist Philip Bloch. That’s the same Charlie Sheen who apparently loaned her a heap of money to help pay off her taxes. We bet he’s decided not to offer to help LiLo anymore, after all the hoo-ha it’s brought with it.

Lohan’s money worries stretch beyond not having a posh frock to wear. The Liz & Dick actress has been forced to move back in with her mom Dina after struggling to pay the rent on her previous home. 

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Lindsay Lohan Cuts A Tired Looking Figure Whilst Others Shine At The AmfAR Awards (Pictures)

Lindsay Lohan Ashley Greene Cee-Lo Green Heidi Klum Alexa Chung Sarah Jessica Parker Chloe Sevigny

Lindsay Lohan at the Amfar Gala

Lindsay Lohan looking dishevelled

Fresh from her recent court appearances, it was a disheveled looking Lindsay Lohan that took to the amFAR Awards red carpet in New York last night (February 6, 2013). The star has been in court again after allegations that she broke the terms of her probation by getting into another car-relates scrape. Various reports have been knocking around that she's struggling with the ongoing troubles in her life - albeit many of them self-inflicted - and she looked less than 100% last night. 

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She's "Flat Out Broke" But Lindsay Lohan Posts Photo Of Diamond Necklace On Twitter

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's problems with the law have been rife over the past few weeks, but her finances are pretty serious as well. Owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax, as well as more in rent, she's probably pretty desperate for a better cash-flow. 

There are a few ways to save money, and according to RadarOnline she's opting for the rent-free place at her mum's. All this seems a little dubious given that according to Yahoo she posted a photo of a big ol' diamond necklace and earrings on Twitter. However, it appears she's since deleted it.

Apparently, a source told RadarOnline that she's "flat out broke" and that she has a truly awful credit rating. Apparently, a "two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood" would be too pricey for the star, adding that "she wouldn't be able to muster up a security deposit, let alone meet the rent every month." Yikes! While she's been able to find help in the past by friends co-signing for her, "she couldn't find anyone willing to do that now as she has burned so many of her friends and associates."

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Video - Lindsay Lohan Arrives Outside LA Court For Car Crash Hearing

'Mean Girls' actress Lindsay Lohan is snapped arriving outside a Los Angeles court to attend her pre-trial hearing for her reckless driving case. She is with her mother Dina Lohan and her lawyer Mark Heller and they are being escorted into the building by officers.

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Lindsay Lohan: Too Ill To Make Court Date? Please

Lindsay Lohan

We used to do it in school; try and get out of certain classes, saying we were ill with some expertly forged doctor's note. But Linsday has taken it a step too far, claiming she's too sick to go to court today, Wednesday, Jan. 30.

Reports suggest that Lohan had come down with the flu and had a note from a physician who determined that she was not healthy enough to fly. However, photos of her shopping in New York surfaced on the same day, making her story somewhat flawed. Lohan is being charged with violating her probation following a June car crash in which she is accused of obstruction, providing false information to an officer, and reckless driving. Wednesday's hearing was supposed to address issues in advance of her upcoming February trial. Lohan has set a precedent for this, too: she also missed a hearing in 2010, claiming at the time that she was stuck in France because her passport had been stolen.

Oh how we'll suffer if it turns out she's suffering from some life-threatening illness, and physically can't make it to the airport. Then again, it's 2013, video-call trials anyone? It would certainly cut out pulling a sicky. 

Lindsay Lohan's The Canyons Faces Rejection From SXSW As Well As Sundance

Lindsay Lohan

It’s not looking good for Linsday Lohan’s new film, The Canyons; after being rejected by the Sundance Film Festival, the film has now been snubbed by the South by Southwest festival circuit, too.

Despite Lohan’s ability to give almost anything she’s in a bad name, Canyon’s rejection does come as a surprise, given the calibre behind the camera. Paul Schrader is the writer of Martin Scorsese classics Taxi Driver and Raging Bull as well as being a celebrated director, and Bret Easton Ellis is the literary mind behind American Psycho and Less Than Zero. The Hollywood Reporter quotes an insider at the Austin, Texas festival as saying there is "an ugliness and a deadness to it", though, and such is Lohan’s reputation, she – and the fact that she’s difficult to work with – are being blamed for the film’s embarrassing progress. 

Ellis, Schrader and the film’s producer Braxton Pope reportedly had a falling out over the final cut, and at one point the Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh offered to cut the entire movie over three days after seeing a rough cut. "The idea of 72 hours is a joke," Schrader told the Times. "It would take him 72 hours to look at all the footage. And you know what Soderbergh would do if another director offered to cut his film? [Puts up two middle fingers.]" Meanwhile, Ellis is quoted as saying: "The film is so languorous. It's an hour 30, and it seems like it's three hours long. I saw this as a pranky noirish thriller, but Schrader turned it into, well, a Schrader film." (via The Guardian).

2013: The Year Of Porn? Steve Coogan's The Look Of Love Sundance Success Is The Tip Of The Iceberg

Steve Coogan Joseph Gordon-Levitt James Franco Lindsay Lohan

Good reviews have been pouring in for Steve Coogan’s turn as the King of Soho Paul Raymond in his new film The Look Of Love followings its airing at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend. The film is another team-up between Coogan and director Michael Winterbottom, the pair most famously getting together for 2002’s 24 Hour Party People, and alongside a glut of positive acclaim, it’s been picked up by IFC Films for development.

With the success of Coogan’s The Look Of Love, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon’s Addiction, at the Sundance Film Festival, it really does seem to be the year of porn. We don’t mean that the porn industry is set to release some of the biggest grossing films this year; but with The Look Of Love focusing on the real life smut baron Paul Raymond, founder of adult UK magazines like Esquire and Mayfair, and Don Jon’s Addiction’s main character being addicted to pornography, it’s a subject that’s clearly become fashionable to take on. If those two weren’t enough, then James Franco’s Interior. Leather Bar also screened over the weekend, a movie inspired by rumors that hardcore porn footage had to be cut out of 1980 Al Pacino movie Cruising.

We could look beyond even the Sundance event too, with Paul Schrader’s Lindsay Lohan-starring The Canyons also featuring real life porn star James Deen in its own tale of sexual depravity. Though that film is without a buyer, what is clear is that Coogan’s turn as Raymond is just the tip of the iceberg: 2013 appears to be the year where film makers decide to discuss the fascination with porn.

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Why Would Michael Call Daughter Lindsay Lohan A High Class Escort?

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan Dina Lohan

That's the question on everybody's lips, though it seems there may be more to the original story that quoted Michael Lohan as saying his daughter Lindsay Lohan was paid to go on dates with rich playboys. The former Wall Street hot-shot- who is seemingly at war with ex-wife Dina - was quoted in Star Magazine as saying Lindsay "is getting paid to date rich men. Dina is pimping her out-it's disgusting."

However, her estranged father now tells E! News that he said no such thing about his daughter. "Absolutely NOT! I would never say anything like that!" he said in a statement. "All I DID say when I was arguing with Dina was that Dina was acting like a pimp for allowing and going with Lindsay to an event/personal appearance for money, just so Dina could get her cut!," he said, adding, "It's like pimping Lindsay out so Dina can make money! They twisted everything to make it look like I said that! Notice that they said the pimp part BUT then a 'source' said the rest!"

The original report never claims Lohan slept with her clients, though she reportedly hired out her dating services to the likes of Prince Haji Abdul Azim, third in line to the throne of Brunei. Another billionaire is said to have paid the actress to accompany him to a New York bash in London. "When Lindsay is wrong I say it and stick to it, but when she is right or people lie about any of us, I defend us!" Michael added.

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Lindsay Lohan Back In Court, For The 20th Time

Lindsay Lohan

Linday Lohan is back in court again.

We’ve written this so many times now that we pretty much have a template of a Lohan story that we can just alter and change to match whatever it is she’s being hauled in for. CNN points out that this is the 20th time that Lohan has been in court in the past six years and, boy, does it feel like that for everyone. The wayward actress is returning to court in Los Angeles for a misdemeanor case over allegations that she lied to police about a traffic incident in New York.

The Boston Herald reports that the actress allegedly lied to police about driving when her Porsche hit a dump truck last June, whilst she’s also up for reckless driving and obstructing the police from performing their duties. As we all no doubt remember, a judge revoked Lohan’s probation that she was already on over a 2011 necklace theft, though the actress has yet to enter a plea. If found guilty of breaking it though she could face 245 days in prison. The hearing takes places today and it’s unlikely she’ll be in court for it.

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Top 10 Side-Boobs, Cleavages And Near Slips From Your Favourite Celebrities

Taylor Swift Emma Watson Kim Kardashian Rachel McAdams Lindsay Lohan Miley Cyrus Jennifer Lopez Nicki Minaj Lady GaGa Rita Ora

It seems to have become popular among red carpet goers to display a generous amount of what has been dubbed as 'side-boob'. Inspired by this, we have decided to come up with our top ten revealing celebrities, assessing who we think definitely has too much on show, and who is teetering on the edge of a serious wardrobe malfunction while still managing to look elegant all the same.


Taylor Swift at People's Choice Awards 2013

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The Canyons Screenwriter Reveals Lindsay Lohan's Drunken Antics

Lindsay Lohan Paul Schrader Bret Easton Ellis

We never thought The Canyons shoot was going to be an easy ride for anyone, and as it turns out, it wasn't. It really wasn't. Bringing together controversial novelist Bret Easton Ellis, porn star James Deen and the troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was always going to be risky and according to screenwriter Stephen Rodrick, all hell broke loose on set.

The scribe spoke to about the whole darn thing, claiming Lohan was initially fired after failing to show-up for a read-through before showing up at director Paul Schrader's hotel room, pounding on his door while hysterically crying and begging for her job back.  The actress stayed in the hallway for around 90 minutes before leaving after securing a second chance. 

Perhaps the most concerning part of Rodrick's story is the 4-way 14 minute sex scene shot with real-life porn actors. Lohan wasn't happy about the scene and had been drinking beforehand, locking herself in a closet and refusing to come out. Director Schrader had to beg her to do the scene, eventually stripping naked his self in order to show her it was no big deal. After finally completing the take, Lindsay drove off in her Porsche with Rodrick saying the producers "all hoped they would still have a lead actress in the morning." 

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Page 3 Girls, Lilo And 'Spidey': It Could Only Be Celebrity Big Brother 2013

Lindsay Lohan Tricia Penrose Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Rylan Clark Lacey Banghard Ryan Moloney Frankie Dettori

It's here. It's finally here. Big Brother 2013 airs tonight (January 3, 2012) on Channel 5 from 9pm. A two-hour launch show presented by Brian Dowling will introduce this year's contestants, which have been kept safely under wraps for weeks. 

In one of this year's televisual lowlights, the has-beens and nobodies will love each other for a bit, then hate each other for a bit. Someone will probably say, "She's totally different from her on-screen character," and Rylan from The X Factor will end up winning. If the tabloids are to be believed, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan could be among those entering the famous house, as will Page 3 girl Lacey Banghard, from Neighbours actor Ryan Moloney, Eastenders star Gillian Taylforth and Heartbeat's Tricia Penrose. No? Us neither.

Lacey Banghard, Celebrity Big Brother ContestantLacey Banghard Is Tipped To Head Into The Celebrity Big Brother House

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Who's Going In To The Celebrity Big Brother House? Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Touch Down At Heathrow

Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Lindsay Lohan Rylan Clark

Any kind of 'reality' television gets the rumour mill going, as we all realise that 'real life' is so much more interesting than fiction. But when it includes celebrities, it's even more exciting. The Celebrity Big Brother rumour mill has been churning away ferociously over the past couple of days, particularly because three people that have already been tipped as entering the house have landed in London... with no particular other reason to be in Blighty.

Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt touched down at Heathrow with five enormous bags and one suitcase. While The Mirror think those bags may be a sign that they're not heading into the famed house- contestants can only take one bag in- they may in fact be planning to stay a little longer than the show itself... "or there's going to one almighty pre-launch hissy fit between Spencer and a CBB producer" as the paper noted.

Lindsay Lohan also arrived in London over the weekend amid similar speculation, but her appearance could merely be continuation of her following Max George from The Wanted around. He's on the way to New York today, however, to perform at a New Year's Eve event- which she must have known about. Lindsay is also due in court in the US on January 15th and with the show beginning on January third and going on for much longer than just two weeks, it looks unlikely that she'll be participating. 

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Lindsay Lohan Will NOT Be Appearing In Celebrity Big Brother

Lindsay Lohan

Disregard whatever you may have read about this year's Celebrity Big Brother, because it turns out Lindsay Lohan won't be appearing in the upcoming series of the reality show.

LiLo arrived in London yesterday, mere days before the latest season of CBB is due to get underway, and almost immediately the rumour mills began spinning at unprecedented speeds suggesting that she is in the country to appear in Chanel Five's hit reality show. However, these rumours have been shot down today after Lindsay vehemently denied the claims that she is going into the Celebrity Big Brother house, and considering that she gets followed by cameras every day already, we can understand why she may not be interested in joining the housemates.

According to TMZ, sources close to the actress/tabloid darling say that the idea of Lindsay appearing in the CBB house is "completely untrue" and absolute "nonsense." One source in particular sums up how absurd the idea of LiLo's participation on the show would be, asking how the star could commit herself to the show for its long run when she has a court date next month? It really is a good point, isn't it?

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The 'Cold Sore' Clause: Lindsay Lohan Rejects Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

While working on Scary Movie 5 with Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan flat out refused to kiss the erstwhile Two and a Half Men star, reports TMZ.

According to sources the script called for her to kiss Sheen three times in the scene in the bedroom, but she couldn't bring herself to even kiss him once! This is all due to his 'spotty history' and wild partying days, apparently, and for some reason she fears where he's been. They both had to sign releases that neither of them had cold sores, such were Lohan's fears. She'd told the producers ahead of production taking place about her trepidations, but it was too late to change the script - they even tried to use body doubles, but apparently they didn't really work and as much of the kissing as possible has since been written out.

Many people feel that Lindsay's being a bit of a hypocrite, but there's no need to jump to Sheen's defence because apparently he didn't care- and proved it by giving her a wopping $100k. In other Lohan news, she's still in a whole bunch of debt, and she's set to return to court after the revocation of her probation having lied to police about crashing her Porsche - she could face over 200 days in jail. She's never filled a term yet so we're not holding out much hope of that.

Fallen From Grace: 2012's Ten Most Spectacular Celebrity Meltdowns

Amanda Bynes Demi Moore Lindsay Lohan Billie Joe Armstrong Angus T. Jones Katt Williams Flavor Flav Michael Madsen Edward Furlong Nick Stahl

Ahh… 2012... how fondly we will look back on it. The Olympics. The end of the Twilight Saga…um… loads of celebrities going utterly bonkers, losing the plot, mixing their drugs with their anxiety problems, mixing their drinks with their driving, finding God, denouncing their generous employers, driving over members of the public, telling lies, heading off to rehab… the bizarre behaviour of a huge number of celebrities has kept the therapists on speed dial and the gossip mags in overdrive this year.

We’ve selected the best / worst falls from grace this year, so you don’t have to trawl through the half-hearted meltdowns to get to the real grit of the trials of modern celebrity life.

Nick Stahl

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$16k For A Chat? Strip Club Offers A Helping Hand To Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has found herself in another spot of bother. As well as owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS for outstanding tax bills- of which $100,000 Charlie Sheen offered to pay - she's a further $16k in the hole having not paid her monthly rent for a storage locker. Now, as well as Charlie Sheen, there are other philanthropists roaming the earth willing help young Lohan out: as TMZ reports, the New York strip club 'Scores' has offered to pay the bill... with one catch.  

No, they don't want her to strip for them, that'd be sleazy right? No, they want her to host 'chats'. It's unclear how many chats she'd host or what her actual role would be, but that seems fair game, right? A nice normal job for a nice normal girl, with a $16k payment, not bad. 

It's not just the storage locker outstanding debt that they've offered to pay, they've also offered to cover the rent on her Beverly Hills mansion for a few months- that's a lot of money. The locker is thought to be filled up with personal items and family heirlooms which will be going up for auction if Lohan can't cough up the dough to pay. It looks like she doesn't have a choice really. 

Probation Revoked, Storage Lockers Unpaid For; Lindsay Lohan Spirals Into More Trouble

Lindsay Lohan

We’re not sure Lindsay Lohan could have expected anything other than a whole heap of fresh trouble at her court hearing yesterday (December 12, 2012), but she certainly didn’t help her case by not even showing up in Los Angeles – and reaped the punishment as a result.

Lohan’s judge was at the hearing – which relates to a car accident caused back in June by the troubled actress – and he was given pretty much what we could all have predicted: Lohan has had her probation, dating back to a jewelry heist case, revoked and could now face jail time. A hearing date has been set for January 15 of next year where she’ll learn her punishment for violating her probation. Sky News says that Lohan allegedly lied to police officers at the scene of the crash, which took place on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Lohan had hoped that this year would be the one where she finally got back in the headlines for the right reasons, and announced a big role playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick. However that fell flat with critics and viewers, and with other reports of debt, drinking and substance abuse it really is starting to look worrying for the 26 year-old. Adding salt into the wound is a report by TMZ that suggests a storage locker owned by the actress is to be auctioned off after she failed to make rent payment on it. It’s thought that expensive items in there include designer clothing and family heirlooms.

Lindsay Lohan Court Appearance Today; Could She Be About To Dodge Jail Again?

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is being arraigned today in court for three criminal charges, and given the issues she’s had with the law stretching back over the past few years, you’d think that this is the point where she’ll finally be getting put on the road to prison. Not so though, according to TMZ.

The charges Lohan is being called up for relate to a car accident on the Pacific Coast highway last June, including lying to the police. What is expected is that Lohan’s probation – which she’s currently on from the widely reported jewelry heist case – will be revoked and the actress will be forced to move forward to a formal hearing where, if found guilty of committing a crime, she could face 245 days in jail.

So game over, right? No, apparently the judge in charge of the case, Commissioner Jane Godfrey, looks over the Drug Court and is well versed in dealing with issues surrounding those struggling with substance abuse. Apparently she’s a keen advocate on making people go through counselling and rehab instead of jail, to the point where she throws them graduation ceremonies and buys them gifts out of her own money to reward them if they win their battle. However, Lohan really isn’t doing herself any favors, with the Daily Mail reporting that she’s flying with UK group The Wanted to London for their show instead of turning up to court today. For just how much longer can she dodge jail?

Add ‘Ungrateful’ To List Of Crimes - Lindsay Lohan Hasn’t Thanked Charlie Sheen For Handout

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen Perez Hilton

Is there not anybody out there looking out for Lindsay Lohan’s public image?

Or did her parents simply not teach her to say please and thank you when she was a child? Apparently, Lohan hasn’t actually bothered to say thanks to her Scary Movie 5 pal Charlie Sheen after he valiantly stepped in and tried to help get the IRS off her back. And just how did Charlie do this? He reportedly gave her a cheque for $100,000 to help pay off some of the money she owes. And has she said thank you? Not according to Sheen.

Perez Hilton have quoted Sheen on the matter and we reckon he’s being pretty polite about the whole thing. “[She’s] a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot,” said the Anger Management star. “I'm still waiting for a text to say 'thank you.' Anything, you know?” Either Sheen is joking, or Lindsay’s lost her manners, as well as her marbles, it would seem.

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The Wanted Reveal The Truth About Lindsay Lohan Scuffle

Lindsay Lohan The Wanted

The Wanted stars have revealed what really happened on the night that Lindsay Lohan was arrested for allegedly punching someone's lights out at New York City's Avenue lounge. The actress was partying with the British boy-band stars before the incident, though it seems the intense criticism aimed at her may be unfounded.

Speaking to MTV News at the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles, singer Jay McGuiness explained, "It's a bit of a blur actually, but some sort of scuffle with a fortune teller. It was very odd. We actually carried on partying after that. It was reported that [the fight] was about Max, but I don't think it actually was." Initial reports had suggested Lohan punched a woman who got too close to Max (she was thought to be interested in the singer). McGuiness added, "But [Lohan] was a total sweetheart on the night, so our experience is quite positive." In fact, Jay was so enamoured by the actress that he donned a "Free Lindsay" t-shirt when the boys supported Justin Bieber at New York's Madison Square Garden a couple of days later. "I'm a little bit of an artist, so I got the old Sharpie out," he explained, "And, yeah, after a small scuffle that went down, I felt very sorry for her. I wanted to cheer her up and I think she said she liked it, right?" 

Lohan probably has bigger things to worry about in all fairness. She faces a third-degree assault charge in New York as well as three more counts brought by the Santa Monica Attorney in connection with a June 2012 car crash. In theory, she could be behind bars for Christmas. 

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IRS Seize Lindsay Lohan's Bank Accounts (Despite Charlie Sheen's Help)

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan Dina Lohan Charlie Sheen

The IRS has seized Lindsay Lohan's bank accounts in an attempt to recover the $233,904 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2011, plus an unspecified amount from last year, according to 

The seizure has prompted Lindsay's father Michael Lohan to speak publically of his concern for the actress, "Where is all her money going?," he said to the New York Daily News. Good question sir! Lohan could really do without a battle with the IRS, given she's due in court on December 12 concerning her three misdemeanour charges related to her June car crash. It's likely that Lindsay will be forced to cough up bail money in the Los Angeles County, if Superior Court Judge Jane Godfrey revokes her shoplifting probation. Father Michael confirmed that his daughter made over $100,000 to promote the new Mr Pink energy drink and also helped mother Dina stave off foreclosure on her Long Island home with $40,000 in cash. "I care about one thing: Lindsay's life," said Michael, "I know she's drinking again, and that's bad enough. What happens if she goes to jail? They don't detox you in jail. I want her in rehab. I wanted her in rehab six months ago." Last week, it was reported how Charlie Sheen signed a cheque for $100,000 to help the actress - his Scary Movie 5 co-star - with her tax problems. 

Lohan was arrested on Thursday after allegedly punching a woman at a Manhattan nightclub. Hours later she was charged with lying to police, relating to her June car crash. If the judge determines that this constitutes a violation of her probation, Lohan faces up to 245 days in jail (which means she could be behind bars for Christmas).

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"Where Is All Her Money Going?": Lindsay Lohan's Debt Leads To Bank Accounts Being Seized

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's life has gone from bad to worse, and now that the IRL has taken control of ALL her money, she's pretty much hit rock bottom. The young starlet owes in excess of $230,000 for unpaid taxes from 2009-10, and naturally Uncle Sam wants it back, according to TMZ who first broke the news.

Charlie Sheen in his recent philanthropic endeavours gave her $100,000, because apparently these days she's a charity case, but according to further reports this huge sum of money "barely scratched the surface" due to more money that she owes for 2011. 

This is hardly the least of her worries and simply tops off a long list of things to be concerned about. Most notably her court date of December 12th which addresses three incidents dating back to June this year, which may cost her even more money (that she doesn't have) for bail if her probation is revoked. She has been involved with many lucrative projects recently including Liz&Dick, The Canyons and promotions for 'Mr Pink Energy Drink', according to NY Daily News, but despite all of this she still doesn't have enough money to pay the taxman? Very confusing, and her father agrees.

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The IRS Seize Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts – Charlie Sheen Bail-Out Wasn’t Enough

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

Who to hire first? A therapist or an accountant? That’s presumably what Lindsay Lohan’s trying to figure out right now as her bank accounts have reportedly been seized by the IRS. Add to this the news that she is downing two litres of vodka a day and things aren’t looking peachy for Lindsay Lohan right now. Actually, we can’t remember a time when things were looking peachy for Lindsay Lohan and frankly, if she’s downing two litres of vodka a day, we doubt that she can remember much at all.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the IRS got tired of waiting for Lindsay to sort out her unpaid taxes so decided to take matters into their own hands and have seized pretty much every cent that the actress has to her name, it would seem. It’s worth remembering that her Scary Movie 5 co-star Charlie Sheen recently took pity on the Liz & Dick star and chucked $100,000 in her general direction, to help pay off the debt. Just how much does Lindsay owe, then, if the IRS haven’t considered that enough to convince them that she’s getting a handle on her financial affairs? She reportedly earned $2 million this year.

As for the reports that she’s drinking two litres of vodka a day, we’re inclined to think that that story is one hell of an exaggeration, or we’d wager that Lohan would no longer be with us. There’s no denying that Lohan’s still got problems, though. Here’s hoping the 26 year-old gets the help she needs to straighten herself out, once and for all.

Lindsay Lohan Hiring Private Investigator To Look Into Assault Case

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan clearly isn't the kind of gal to just sit around and wait for stuff to happen, as she has reportedly hired a private investigator to look into the ongoing assault charge against her, TMZ has reported.

For those unaware of the story so far, LiLo was confronted by a psychic, named Tiffany Mitchell, at a glitzy New York nightclub but Lindsay wasn't interested and told her to get lost. Now, Mitchell is saying that LiLo hit her and verbally abused her, calling her a "gypsy", whilst Lindsay says that whilst she did call her the 'g-word', she never laid a finger on Mitchell and whats more Mitchell's entourage even stole Lindsay's purse!

Now the two are at court, Mitchell has famed (and feared) attorney Gloria Allred to represent her, so in a bid to combat this Lindsay has hired a private investigator to dig up some dirt on the woman accusing her of assault.

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Lindsay Lohan Denies Assaulting 'Gypsy'

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has vehemently denied any accusations that she physically attacked a fortune teller at a New York night spot earlier this week, although the troubled star has admitted to referring to her accuser as a 'gypsy', but only because she tried to steal her bag.

According to TMZ, LiLo's side of the story goes like this: Tiffany Mitchell, the fortune teller accusing Lindsay of attacking her, approached her inside the hip NY club Avenue early Thursday (Nov 29) morning to do a reading, but was turned down by the actress. Lindsay says that she then noticed Tiffany's friends were huddling around her purse, which she had left on a nearby table. When she returned, Lindsay friends informed her that Tiffany's friends had in fact made off with her very expensive purse, resulting in one very peeved (to put it lightly) Lindsay.

Lindsay says that she confronted Tiffany, allowing the slur to flow out of her mouth, yet she denies making any physically contact with her and is claiming that she is the victim in the whole drama, saying she is once again being made to look as though she is the antagonist when really she has done nothing wrong. Frankly, we don't know who to believe, but are sure that Lindsay wont be out of the news for too long.

Lindsay Lohan

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