Lindsay Ellingson has a ''very weird phobia'' of velvet.

The Victoria's Secret Angel has confessed to having an irrational fear of the fabric and insists she ''absolutely can't touch it'' as it makes her feel sick.

She told E! Online: ''I have a very weird phobia of velvet! I think it's called haptodysphoria. I absolutely can't touch it. My worst nightmare would be sleeping in a bed of velvet; it makes me nauseous!''

The blonde beauty, 30, recently announced she is releasing her own cosmetics collection, Wander Beauty, next year and admitted she has become ''obsessed'' with beauty products since she started modelling ten years ago.

She said: ''I'm so excited to announce I'll be launching a cosmetic line called Wander Beauty next April! I've learned so much in the last 10 years as a model, and I'm obsessed with beauty products.

''My friends call me the walking Sephora because I carry such a variety of beauty products in my purse, they can always count on me for a touch up. I love doing their makeup as well as my own for red carpet events and dates.''

If she wasn't a model, Lindsay confessed she would love to switch lives with 'Break Free' hitmaker Ariana Grande after being impressed by the former Disney star's performance during the Victoria's Secret show in London earlier this month.

Lindsay - who walked down the runway for the brand as the 21-year-old singer belted out a selection of her hits - said: ''If I could switch lives with any celebrity for a day it would have to be Ariana Grande! I am the worst singer, so I would love to have a voice like that. She blew me away at the Victoria's Secret show. Plus, having backup dancers would be pretty awesome!''