TV legend Linda Gray has shot down long-standing rumours of feuding among the Dallas cast, insisting the actors were too professional to squabble over petty matters.
Gray and her fellow castmates were rumoured to have frequently argued onset, but the actress insists there were never any bust-ups - because the stars were so focused on their work.
She tells Britain's OK! magazine, "People don't like to read that we got along, it's more newsworthy that we hated each other and we were bitchy. But we weren't kids when we started, we were older - we didn't behave like that.
"We had home lives, children and responsibilities. We went to work like normal people go to work. It's nonsense that there was any bitchiness. I was very close to Barbara Bel Geddes, who played Miss Ellie. She was from New York, she was away from her family and she missed her home life and so we bonded.
"She was a very good friend. I knew Larry (Hagman) from watching him on I Dream of Jeannie and I thought, 'Oh it must be a comedy if he is in it, this Dallas show!' Well, we laughed so much it could have been a comedy."