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Guillermo Del Toro Gave Police A Late-night Tour Of His Quirky Home

The Pan's Labyrinth director had to buy a second home next door to his Hollywood mansion when his prop collection overran his family's pad. The place is full of wacky movie memorabilia and...

The Exorcist Director Condemns Remake Plans

Oscar winner William Friedkin's iconic Hollywood horror is rumoured to be the latest movie in line for a modern makeover. However, Friedkin has come out in opposition to the remake. After...

Slash Had A Teen Crush On 'Possessed' Linda Blair

The guitar great tells Fandango MovieClips' I Love Movies the 1973 horror movie had a lasting affect on him as a young film fan - and actress Blair became his first pin-up.He explains, "As a...

Rick Springfield Selling Hair For Charity

The Jessie's Girl singer made his debut as therapist Dr. Pitlor on Sunday night's (28Jun15) episode of True Detective in America, and he insists his new look is all him. Refusing to...

Khloe Kardashian To Judge On Drag Queen Show

Khloe Kardashian will appear as a guest judge on a drag queen TV talent show. The 29-year-old beauty has announced she will be starring in the upcoming sixth season of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and has...

Barbara Marshall To Pen Exorcism Diaries

'Exorcism Diaries' has landed a screenwriter.Barbara Marshall has signed on to pen Summit Entertainment's upcoming horror movie, which is loosely based on Mark Opsasnick's book 'The Real Story Behind The Exorcist: A Study of the...

No Trick, Just Treats: Your Top 5 Horror Films For Halloween 2012

Is the thought of sharpening your elbows to grab the last palette of over-priced face paint at the local supermarket is simply too much to handle? Do you need a DVD to put on REALLY...

'The Exorcist' Actress Linda Blair Discusses Her Relationship With Rick James

Academy Award nominated actress, Linda Blair, has taken time to talk about her relationship with musician Rick James during the 1980s, in the years since his passing. During her talk, Blair confessed how the relationship...

Blair's Animal Sanctuary Saved By Cowell

Actress LINDA BLAIR has music mogul SIMON COWELL to thank for saving her cash-strapped animal shelter after he donated $30,000 (£20,000) to keep the centre open.In recent years, the Exorcist star has dedicated her life...

Linda Blair Hates Exorcist's Curse

Actress LINDA BLAIR is convinced her leading role in THE EXORCIST left her cursed, because she has struggled to make it as an adult star after finding fame aged just 14. The 47-year-old, who played...

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