Although it was instantly treated as a nationwide laughing stock ITV's new show Splash has been making waves (sorry) in the Saturday night ratings schedule since it aired, and now the show is in the semi-finals stage, just about everyone is talking about it.

A quick head over to Twitter and you'll see that the show itself, host and diving wunderkind Tom Daley, and resident MILF Landa Barker are clogging up all the trending feeds. Who's laughing now? Well, people are still laughing at Splash but, lots of people are laughing with it too, and isn't that all you could ask for from a TV show about Z-listers jumping into a pool?

At 51, yes, 51! Barker has clearly been the star of tonight's episode. It's been that way for much of the series and lets face it, anyone who said that people wouldn't be tuning into the show just to perv over the contestants and their skimpy outfits was lying to themselves and clearly doesn't watch a lot of TV anymore.

As well as Linda, the other semi-finalists will be Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo, Benidorm actor Jake Canuso, comic and actor Omid Djalili, Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards and Sky Sports News presenter Charlotte Jackson. Good luck to them all tonight, and their swimsuits.