Lin-Manuel Miranda joined Derek Waters on Comedy Central for the latest episode of 'Drunk History', where the musical mogul explains the life of Alexander Hamilton after a throwing back a few alcoholic beverages. To his credit, he managed to maintain his train of thought and his cool for most of the show.

Lin-Manuel MirandaLin-Manuel Miranda does the best 'Drunk History' episode

The 'Hamilton' creator got inebriated on Tennessee Whiskey and a little bourbon according to 'Drunk History' host Derek Waters, before launching into a brief and colloquial history of one of America's Founding Fathers for Tuesday's (November 29th 2016) episode. 

For the fourth season episode, Miranda elaborated on Hamilton's rivalry with Aaron Burr as well as his affair with Maria Reynolds, all without the distraction of musical numbers and with a lot more detail than the stage show gave. It's obviously a subject that Miranda knows a lot about, and indeed has spent a good few years of his life researching for the Broadway hit.

It's not the first that 'Drunk History' has ever seen of Hamilton. For the first 'Drunk History' episode ever when it was a segment of HBO's Funny or Die Presents web series back in 2007, it followed the Burr-Hamilton duel with Mark Gagliardi narrating, Michael Cera playing Alexander Hamilton and Jake Johnson as Aaron Burr. 

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This time Alia Shawkat appeared as Alexander Hamilton while Aubrey Plaza played Aaron Burr in a hilarious gender swap re-enactment. The way that 'Drunk History' works is that a drunk comedian tells the story, while the actors in the re-enactment lip-sync what the narrator has them say with amusing results. 

Probably the thing that made this episode most funny was Miranda's complete inability not to say 'f**k', briefly interrupting the show to FaceTime Questlove, singing 'Closing Time' and echoing every one of us when he suddenly becomes desperate to order Dominoes pizza.