Lin-Manuel Miranda made huge political statements with his award-winning hip hop musical 'Hamilton' and now he's teamed up with Emma Watson as part of her HeForShe campaign to rap about an issue that affects everyone; gender inequality. And it's literally the best thing ever.

Emma WatsonEmma Watson shows off a new skill

Of course, Miranda is just an excellent freestyler as former 'Harry Potter' actress Watson pointed out, but he was only willing to pay tribute to the issue of gender equality if she beatboxed for him. Can't say we ever expected this from the Oxfordshire-raised, Brown graduate bookworm, but the internet is full of surprises.

'I'm happy to freestyle if you beatbox', said Miranda, in a video that was posted on Emma Watson's Facebook page. Watson didn't seem so keen on the idea, given that she's never beatboxed in her life, and threw a sarcastic comment at Miranda's suggestion that the boys on the set of the 'Harry Potter' movies must've been doing it all the time. 

In actual fact, it was actually quite impressive; it seems this nervous U.N. women's goodwill ambassador has an ear for rhythm and she certainly wasn't wrong about Miranda's ability to freestyle.

Watch the rap from -2:08 here:

Lin-Manuel 4

Part four...

Posted by Emma Watson on Thursday, 17 March 2016

'Yo, it's Lin and I have to laugh, how can we not be equal, we're like half', he rapped. 'Like women are like half of the people on Earth, and yes they should've been equal since birth. That means all day, every day, equal pay, every way, okay. Are we really okay? Oh my gosh, yo this beatbox is fantastic. Beast. Where to find em, yo, I'm drastically changing the narrative.

'Look at - you kept going! And oh my gosh I love watching this keep flowing. Holy cow, this is such a meme. Thank you, this is the beatbox dream team.'

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At the end of the verse, Watson admitted that she was extremely embarrassed, with her 'face is the colour of a tomato', and she begged that no-one ever ask her to beatbox for them again. 'These are the lengths I will go to for gender equality!' She exclaimed.