Limp Bizkit rocker Fred Durst is hoping for better luck in his love life in the New Year (10) - after the failure of his one-month marriage left him feeling "distraught" and "disappointed" in 2009.
Durst wed Esther Nazarov in Las Vegas in July (09), but filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court just weeks later, citing "irreconcilable differences".
He admits the split was the "lowest point" of the past year, telling Kerrang! magazine, "It's been a pretty amazing year but I am a little distraught, sad and finally disappointed that my marriage didn't work out. But I accept the good with the bad and I'm trying to not be so reactive as I used to be.
"That was definitely a low but I'm looking at life in such a positive way now. Through time and experience, certain wisdom comes into play and your perspective shifts. You adopt a more worldly point of view and I'm always learning, always evolving."
The 39 year old also hints at the reasons behind the couple's split: "In love and life, there's a huge compromise. I have learned that I am very capable of loving unconditionally, faithfully and being very devoted... But there are always going to be people who are hurt by love and that f**king sucks because I'm hurting too."