Lily Collins is looking forward to "kicking some butt" in the new 'Snow White' movie.

The daughter of British musician Phil Collins - who is best known for her role as Sandra Bullock's daughter in sporting drama 'The Blind Side' - was recently named as the lead in the movie version of the classic fairytale and promised moviegoers can expect a different side to the heroine.

She said: "You'd be surprised. I think she does quite a bit of fighting in this movie. I think she goes from the very feminine version that you know to a very cool, empowered, confident girl who actually has to kick some butt."

However, Lily - who admitted she is still in shock over winning the role - has promised fans of the original fairytale will not be disappointed, because director Tarsem Singh plans to remain true to the story of 'Snow White'.

She told "It's so weird. I literally just found out that I was cast as Snow White. So I woke up this morning completely still like, "Is that real? Am I really Snow White?" It's a dream come true.

"It's taking old folk fairy tales and retelling them in modern day. We're still making it a period piece, and it's not like we're taking ours and making it edgy. We're 'Tarsem-ing' it. We're going to create this whole new world based on his vision. I think it's just taking you out of everyday life, and everyone loves a good fairy tale. But Snow White has always been one of my favourite fairy tales growing up. To be able to say, 'I'm going to be Snow White'- it's crazy. It's an honour.

Julia Roberts is signed on to play the wicked queen in the 3-D project - tentatively titled 'The Brothers Grimm: Snow White' while Armie Hammer will star as the prince.