Lily Cole wants to prove rubber can be sexy.

The 25-year-old model hopes to show people Amazonian wild rubber can be both fashionable and ethical thanks to her debut line of jewellery in association with Sky Rainforest Rescue - Sky and WWF's partnership where all profits go to saving one billion trees.

Lily explained to LOOK magazine: ''I was inspired by Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier - he used rubber in such a sexy way. I wanted to acknowledge how special a material it is.

''My favourite is the necklace inspired by an African pendant of mine - it has a tiny prayer insider it. You can never reach the prayer, but it's in there with you.

''Rubber is sexy - perhaps I need to design a rubber pendant next! They always make me feel like Catwoman.''

The British star is confident her limited-edition range of eco-friendly pieces, available exclusively on, can help change people's attitudes towards nature, and the venture was also an opportunity to show a different side to the ''superficial'' fashion industry.

Lily - who was discovered aged 14 - added: ''The real change comes from all of us in what we choose to buy. By paying slightly more to buy rubber products, we're voting to keep the rainforest standing...

''I'm trying to do what I can because I think [the industry] is hugely superficial.''

Watch Lily's Amazonian adventure here: