Lily Cole once starred in a propaganda video for the North Korean dictatorship.

The 32-year-old star has revealed that as part of her modelling career - which began when she was 14 - she appeared in a propaganda film slamming Western media and consumerism.

In an extract from her new book 'Who Cares Wins: Reasons For Optimism in Our Changing World', which has been obtained by the Daily Mirror newspaper, Lily said: ''My sister and I were brought up in London by our mother, who had a very low income.

''Then I began my professional life - aged 14 - as a face of consumerism. The catwalk catapulted me into opportunity and privilege. I've been in adverts, posters and paparazzi shots.

''I have even appeared in a North Korean propaganda film criticising illusion and deception in the Western world! My face appears, blinking long false eyelashes, with the label 'ILLUSION' printed on top.''

Lily also revealed that her modelling career left her ''anxious'' about money as she quickly became ''picky'' about who she worked with.

She said: ''My financial anxiety wasn't helped by the fact that I stepped away from modelling quite quickly, became picky about who I would work with, and started volunteering a lot of my time.

''As my bank account shrank, I found myself rich in new ways - in experiences, relationships, and doing work I believed in. Now, I appreciate minimalism.

''I still live a privileged life but over the last few years I've given away many things.''