The star and her businessman boyfriend Kwame Ferreira welcomed their little girl, Wylde Cole Ferreira, over the summer (15) but did not announce the news until early September (15).

The tot was born at St Thomas' Hospital in London, and Lily has now returned to present a special prize to the facility's maternity team.

Lily handed over the UNICEF Baby Friendly Award to the thrilled midwives and thanked them for teaching her how to breastfeed.

"The care I received at St Thomas' Hospital was wonderful," says Lily. "I was in hospital for two days after the birth and I had no idea how to breastfeed.

"I was so grateful to be in an environment where I was constantly helped to learn how to breastfeed. I couldn't do it without help at first, but by the time I left I had the confidence to feed my baby at home on my own - and it has been easy ever since!"

Director of Midwifery Lynne Pacanowski adds, "We were delighted to welcome Lily back to St Thomas' to help us celebrate achieving Baby Friendly status.

"Her experience, and the experience of many of our other new mothers, is testament to the commitment of our dedicated breastfeeding midwives who have worked so hard to ensure our unit meets the highest UNICEF baby friendly standards."

The award is presented to hospitals which pass an assessment carried out by staff at the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Lily met her boyfriend in 2012, and went public with her pregnancy news in March (15).